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Losing weight Almased: experience with the diet plan

Dr. Oz Discusses the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan (March 2019).


Online editor Ines wants to return to the desired weight with Almased - and has written down her experiences with the vital powder. Week after week, our colleague here documents whether she reaches her goal with Almased.

Losing weight with Almased - my test

What do I want to achieve with the Almased diet plan? Of course, lose weight! How much do I want to lose weight? Actually, I do not care about the kilo, or I do not want to be put under pressure. I therefore measure circumferences on the waist, hips, thighs and arms and pay attention to my well-being. Because the greatest success for me is when I can buy jeans a size smaller or the stomach does not have to move, so I like my profile.

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A bad feeling, however, remains, as I've read a lot about protein shakes or miracle diets to lose weight - often not only good. The fear of the yo-yo effect accompanies me

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as well as worrying about how the plan can be implemented on vacation, for example, or how hard it can be when I have dinner with friends. It is clear that I want to get along without lunch appointments during the 5-7 days starter phase. Almost as self-protection.

starter phase

1 day
Breakfast: On the way to work past the beloved bakery. Today I have my first glass of Almased for breakfast. Quickly mixed with 200ml milk and 100ml water, 2 tablespoons linseed oil. Basically, I find the taste okay, a bit grainy and slightly sweet, similar to soy milk (after all, there is also half of the powder from soy).
One of a maximum of 3 coffees a day I treat myself. I am full and somehow I have a nice and warm feeling in my stomach.

2 day
Hungry in the morning. Even more at lunchtime. It got heavier in the afternoon. Vegetable juice helped only briefly. After the last shake in the evening I was still on the way. At the end of the evening I am tired and powerless. My body probably has to change first.

3rd day
The shake was full, but I still feel a bit tired. Carrot juice with honey: Let's see if that helps. In fact, I feel better afterwards. The rest of the day I was fine, where I drank vegetable juices between the Almased Shakes. Without a "snack" it is rather difficult for me. In the evening I tried the avocado shake with cucumber. It was really delicious with something of a heartier meal.

4th day
All right, for this afternoon I have again prepared an avocado shake with cucumber. Since it is a bit thicker, I will spoon it, which is quite good for my head, because it is closer to a "real meal", especially because I am afterwards full of pleasure.
Interestingly, my cravings for sweets have virtually disappeared. Sometimes my head says to the cake and to the chocolate, that I am supposed to pounce on them now. But appetite and inner compulsion are suddenly not there. Good feeling and for me as Schokosuchti a real success.

5th day
I'm still doing well, no craving for anything special, with the passing by at the wonderfully fragrant bakery this morning has already whet your appetite. Looking forward to tomorrow, when there is another meal.

Conclusion after the starter phase: 2cm at the waist and hip are gone - so belt can be strapped a little tighter again. The arms and thighs are missing a few millimeters. So I seem to have actually lost weight and am motivated to continue!

By the way, my favorite ingredients for the shake are unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon or ginger.

The first of the 4 phases of the Almased diet plan is done. On into the reduction phase!

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