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Slimming your Almased shopping list


If you want to start with the Almased diet, you should create some stocks beforehand, so that you are equipped for all cases. We give tips for your Almased shopping list.

For the first few days of the Almased diet you do not really need much: Sufficient Almased Vitality Powder, for example, in the 500 grams of powder size, water, vegetable broth and possibly tea and coffee. Whether you want to get started with the Planfigur program, the long-term diet or the Bikini Emergency Plan, the first few days you will only eat protein instead of regular meals. In addition, you should drink plenty of water. Alternatively, some tea or coffee is allowed. But of course without sugar! Vegetable broth as a snack is also allowed.

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Everything you need for your Almased diet in the first few days

You can buy your Almasedpulver individually in the pharmacy, in the drugstore or on the Internet, but there are also so-called starter packages. These consist for example of two 500 gram packs of protein powder and

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A handy shaker that makes mixing the Almased drink a breeze. If you do not want to use tap water, buy enough still water. Alternatively, you can mix your drink with milk. To cook a healthy vegetable broth you only need greens and salt. Boil a tasty vegetable broth and freeze a portion so you always have a supply.

Almased shopping list for the reduction phase

In the second phase of the Almased diet you can again introduce a meal. Be inspired by the multitude of Almased recipes: from soups to vegetarian dishes to breakfast. And buy the basic ingredients before starting your diet. The fresh ingredients such as meat and dairy products as well as fruits and vegetables can be bought fresh each time.

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