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Knitting pattern crochet dress in the style of Balmain

12 DAYS OF DIY | Rope Knit inspired by Balmain (March 2019).


Here are your crochet arts asked: The dress in the style of Balmain is suitable for the experienced.


Gr. 36/38 and 40/42 (in brackets) If there is only one indication, this applies to both sizes.)

Material: ONline wool line 216 "Thiana" (100% organic cotton, 112 m = 50 g), 600 (650) g ​​in white Fb. 01, a crochet hook No. 3, 5-4.

Stop edge: Crochet M with ankle loop (instead of the Lm stop), 3 ch, incise into the 1st ch, cut off 2 slits, then chop off 2 slings, * prick the lower edge of the pre-st, cut off 2 slings, then cut off 2 slings. Repeat * until the required number of M is crocheted. This stop edge is much more elastic than an LM stop.

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Basic pattern: Work according to the crochet pattern.M-number divisible by 10 + 3. Every 2nd R is colored, so the crochet script is clearer.

Stitch sample: 30 sts = 3 repeats and 6-8 sts = 13 x 10 cm.

Back piece : 103 (113) sts at edge and start crochet pattern in 2nd row = back: 7 sts before repeat, 9x (10x) sts, 6 sts after repeat. Crochet as follows: 1x the 2nd-6th. R, 3x the 3rd-6th R, 1x the 7th R = 18 R and about 24 cm. For pattern II 1x the 8.-15. R and 1x the 12.-16. R = 13 R and about 20 cm. For pattern III 2x the 17.-20. Crochet R and 1x 17., 18. and 21. R = 11 R and approx. 17 cm. For pattern II 1x the 9.-15. R, leaving for the armholes in the 13th R of the crochet script on both sides 1/2 repeat uncoated and in the 14th R of the crochet pattern according to the pattern for each 1 repeat repeat, 1x the 12th-16th. Crochet, taking off on both sides 1/2 repeat in the 12th row of the crochet pattern = 73 (83) sts. After a total length of approx. 81 cm, the piece is ready.

Front piece : Crochet like the back, but for the neckline after about 74 cm total length = after 9 R in pattern II according to the pattern leave the middle 3 (4) repeats uncoated and finish both sides separately. For the cut bevel, remove the pattern according to 2x (1x) 1/2 repeat.

Sleeve: 63 (73) sts M and starting with the crochet pattern in the 2nd row: 6 sts before the repeat, 5x (6x) the repeat, 7 sts after the repeat. In the height 1x the 1.-7. Crochet = approx. 10 cm. Crochet Patterns II and III at the same height as the back piece. Start the arm ball at the same pattern height and work the bevel in the pattern accordingly. After 14 cm = approx. 10 R, the sleeve is ready.

Finishing : Close the shoulder seams and knit the neckline with a sturdy st. Sew in the sleeves, then close the side and sleeve seams. Crochet the lower edge of the dress with the 17th R of the crochet pattern (the small circles), crocheting the circles with only 5 solid M gaps. If necessary, crochet the sleeve edge with 1 R of sts.

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