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Knitting instructions Empirekleid self-knitting

My style tips to hide a tummy (without shapewear) | Justine Leconte (June 2019).


The empire dress in the style of Iceberg is something for the experienced, who also have sewing experience. Try our free knitting pattern.


Gr. 36/38 and 40/42 (in brackets) If there is only one indication, this applies to both sizes.)

Material: Lana Grossa "Estate" (90% cotton, 10% polyamide, 130 m = 50 g), 350 (400) g in brown Fb. 11, knitting needles no. 5 and no. 7, one crochet hook no. 5, approx 220-250 cm brown rubber thread. For the skirt part 0.75 m jersey or cross-elastic satin, 140 cm wide.

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Basic pattern: (needles no. 5) Smooth right = right M and back left M st.

Decreases of 2 sts : At the beginning of the R st towards the edge sts 2 sts as off to the left st, knit 1 st right, pull the sts over the knitted sts. At the R-end, lift the third and fourth last sts together as if to the left, knit 1 st right, pull the raised sts over the knitted sts, edge sts.

Decreases of 1 st: at the R beginning after the edge M 2 M on the right zusammenstr, at the R end before the edge M 2 M re coated zusammenstr. Skirt Pattern: (Needles No. 7) M number divisible by 16/15/14. After the knitting font work in rounds. The exact distribution is described in the manual. Mesh sample: Basic pattern: 20 M and 28 R = 10 x 10 cm. Skirt pattern: 18 M and 18 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Skirt: Cast on 13 sts with needles no. 5 for hem, and cast on 208 (224) R in pattern. Close the open M of the last R with the M-stop to the ring. For the skirt part from a longitudinal edge pick up 208 (224) sts = 13 (14) repeats (from each R 1 st) and the skirt pattern in sts str: 1x the 1st and 2nd round, the 2nd round up to 40 cm br, then 3rd and 4th round str = 195 (210) sts. Work 5th round until 51 cm, then 7-8. Rd str = 182 (196) M. The skirt is ready. Divide the work for front and back and continue working separately over 91 (98) sts.

Back piece: Work on 91 (98) sts and work with needles no. 5 in the basic pattern, in the 1st row 17x (16x) every 4th and 5th st together = 74 (82) sts cm cast off both sides 1x 3 (4) sts, cast off 2 sts in each 2nd row and 3 times (4x) 1 st = 54 (58) sts. For neckline after 18 (20) cm cast off middle 20 (24) sts and finish both sides separately. For the cut-out round in every 2nd R 3x 2 and 4x 1 sts. When piece measures 28 (30) cm back, bind off 7 shoulder sts.

Front piece : Work like the back piece, but after 10 (12) cm cast off the middle 10 (14) sts for the lower neckline and finish both sides separately. For rounding, remove in each 2nd R 3x 2 and 9x 1 sts.

Completion: Close the shoulder and side seams. Crochet the cut edges with Kett-M. Feed 3 rows of rubber thread in the upper part from the left side. For the skirt part to fall balloon-shaped, a jersey or satin lining must be sewn. Cut one piece of fabric 50 cm long and 102 (108) cm wide. Cut a piece of fabric 22 cm long and 78 (84) cm wide for the hem. For both parts close the 50 cm long and 22 cm long edge with 1 cm seam allowance. Crimp the large piece of fabric at the top and bottom to 76 (82) cm. Double the hem strip and stitch together both parts. Sew the lining at the upper edge of the knit and sew the hem seam of the lining with loose hand stitches on the knitted part.

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