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Embroidery Instructions Embroidered Espandrilles


Your shoes are too boring and monotonous? We solve your problem. Ladies Espandrilles and other fabric shoes can be easily embellished with this guide - with little flowers, for example. No matter what size: With our instructions you sew every shoe a fashionable eye-catcher.

The instructions can be found on >>

What you need: White espadrilles or any other fabric shoe, a Docke Sticktwist, z. B. "Anchor Mouline" by Coats in blue, No. 139, a pointed embroidery needle, tracing paper, pencil, tailor copy paper, pins

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How to do it

Trace the flower motif on tracing paper. Put on the fabric of the shoe a piece of tailor's copy paper and on it the pimped motif and draw with a little pressure. Remove all paper and embroider the motif with undivided embroidery stitch with lock stitches. Sew the threads well.

Stick manual

Visit and download here the embroidery instructions including embroidery design for the floral embroidered Espandrilles >>

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