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Embroidery Tutorial Decorative sampler

Decorative stitches for applique,neckline,finishing quilt /Machine stitch binding on quilt/sampler (May 2019).


Refine a drab, white cloth with fine embroidery. Decorative samplers are hung on the wall, an absolute eye-catcher and enhance every living room visually. In addition to the double cross stitch, the sampler also combines many other old and new embroidery techniques to make a white cloth a real deco highlight. With our help, you can easily sew the cloth - we'll show you how.

Dimensions: W 18 x H 20 cm
That's what you need: embroidery lines, z. B. "Belfast white" by Zweigart & Sawitzki, 50 x 50 cm (126 threads on 10 cm), about 3 socks Embroidery Witch "Anchor Mouline" by Coats in blue, No. 139, a pointed embroidery needle, an embroidery hoop plus a correspondingly large Wedge or picture frame, if you want to draw the embroidery as a whole picture.

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How to do it

1. It is embroidered according to the counting pattern with 3-ply split Sticktwist. Each box of the drawing corresponds to 4 x 4 fabric threads, the individual embroidery stitches go in height or width over 4 fabric threads, ie 1 box.

2. The so-called black embroidery is executed mainly with back and stitched stitches. For some lines you can also use pre-stitches. For the stars, first make the diagonal, then the vertical and horizontal stitches. Embroider for each star in the same pattern to give a consistent stitch pattern. Sew on the threads on the reverse side.

3. If you are embroidering the entire sampler as shown, mark the center of the stitching line and count the threads for the beginning and end of the respective motifs, corresponding to the checkbox of the counting pattern.

4. Lay the finished embroidery right side down on a soft surface, cover with a damp cloth and allow to dry or gently steam. Then you can process the embroidery as desired.

The embroidery instructions can be found on >>

Stick manual

Visit and download the embroidery instructions including embroidery design for the decorative sampler >> here

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