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Summer Tips: Ventilate properly in the summer

Attic Ventilation Tips (June 2019).


Who does not know - stuffy rooms in the summer. There is hardly any air to breathe and you start to sweat uncomfortably. But that need not be! We have some tips for you on how to ventilate the house and apartment during the warm season.

Summer - temperatures are rising and humidity is increasing. You are looking forward to cooling off in your own home, but instead of refreshing, the air is in the room and there is no circulation. Also structural conditions play a big role, whether attic apartment or basement. The way of ventilation is crucial.

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But when and how long is it best to air in the summer? These helpful tips create a health-friendly indoor climate in the warm season.

We have 10 tips for hot days in the office! This makes working in the heat easier.

Tip 1
Ventilate mainly in the morning or evening hours, when the outside temperatures are still cool. Keep the windows closed during the day so that the humid summer air does not get into the rooms and mold can not even be created. Because once the heated outside air is in, you will not get it out so easily. Tip:Lower the outside shutters or pull the curtains all the way.

Tip 2
To provide optimal air exchange, ventilate for a longer time and open several windows simultaneously to create the stuffy room air from the room. Ideally ventilate for 20 to 25 minutes on "draft". Open the windows completely to let as much fresh air into the room as possible and also open the internal doors. Tip:You can not cross-ventilate? Then just set up a fan that drives the humid indoor air outside.

Tip 3
At night let the windows quietly tilt to continuously let fresh air into the rooms. The outside temperature is cool at night and the humidity is not as high as during the day. If you live in an attic apartment, it makes sense to open the windows only overnight, as the rooms heat up too quickly during the day.

Tip 4
When airing from the basement caution is required. Mold growth is particularly fast here, since the humidity of the warm daylight is reflected on the cool basement walls. And once the white horse is around, it's not that easy to get rid of it. Shock ventilation early in the morning or at night makes the most sense in the basement area.

Tip 5
With a hygrometer you can measure the humidity in your rooms. The ideal humidity in the room is between 55 and 60% in summer. With this moisture content you do not feel physically depressed or limp.

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