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Crochet Pattern Crochet Blanket yourself

Easiest & Fastest Crochet Blanket - Ribbed / Ridged - Super Chunky (June 2019).


Crochet a cozy crochet blanket for your living room. How to crochet the sweet blanket in the flower pattern can be seen here.

With our ideas and tips we will show you how to easily imitate beautiful accessories for your four walls, because crocheted home accessories made of wool are super and totally in fashion. With our instructions, you can easily crochet the crocheted blanket with a little time and fingertip feeling at home.

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Dimensions: approx. 130 x 180 cm, Ø single flower: approx. 7.5 cm

You need: Hand knitting yarn from Schachenmayr / SMC, "Baby Wool" (100% pure new wool, Merino Superwash, 85 m = 25 g), each approx. 1100 g in light blue color, color no. 00052, and natural white, color no. 00002, a crochet hook No. 3.

Number of flowers: a 130 x 180 cm plaid corresponds to 17 crocheted flowers in width and 24 flowers in length (= 408 flowers).

Pattern: see crochet script

That's how it works


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Cast 10 sts on each flower, close with 1 warp stitch to the ring. 24 fixed stitches work in the ring. Close the first round with a slit stitch.

2. Continue to work according to the crochet script.

3. Alternately work a light blue and a natural white crocheted flower and crochet together as described. So blossom on flowering work, always pay attention to the color change, so that later creates a chessboard effect.

Tip: If the crochet work becomes too compact with increasing number of blossoms, then individual flower strips can work for the ceiling first. This is convenient, because you can take this crochet work everywhere, eg in bus and train. First 12 single strips (17 flowers each) work with the same color order. Then work the intermediate strips and at the same time connect the individual strips. Make sure that the color change is observed.

4. The plaid can be bordered with simple arcs. Start with a light blue yarn: Crochet 1 sturdy stitch on the first flower tip, work 8 air stitches and work 1 fixed stitch on the next flower tip. Repeat continuously.

5. Work the 2nd round in white. In doing so, work the arcs of the arcs over the arcs of the preliminary round and, for the fixed stitches, cut into the fixed stitches of the preliminary round.

6. Crochet the 3rd and 4th round again in blue or white. However, the bows offset work to the preliminary rounds. Combine the double bows of the 1st and 2nd rounds with each solid stitch.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the cuddly crocheted blanket >>

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