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Sewing instructions Potholders with grid pattern

How to Sew in a Zipper on the Goody Goody Binding Bag – Lella Boutique - Fat Quarter Shop (March 2019).


Crochet beautiful potholders with our guide. In our tutorial you can easily tinker with the patterns. Our tips also help beginners to make beautiful gifts.

Dimensions: approx. 19 x 19 cm

You need: 100% cotton yarn PUPPETS LYRIC 8/8 by COATS, per potholder pair 100 g in white, color 5000, 50 g each in brown, color 5013, or in black, color 5001, one crochet hook No. 4.

Mesh test: 18 M and 20 R = 10 x 10 cm

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Pattern: see crochet script

That's how it works


Download free tutorial on

Cast on 30 pieces of white in white and continue to work according to the crochet pattern.

2. In the first round work 1 x the stitches in front of the right arrow, then repeat the pattern set between the arrows continuously. The row ends with the stitch after the left arrow.

3. Follow the color sequence: Crochet the air stitch stop and the 1st row in white, then alternately work two rows in brown (or in black) and white. Always repeat the 1st to 4th rows. Crochet a total of 39 rows.

4. Crochet one round of solid stitches in white, crochet 20 air stitches for the hanger at the beginning of the round and close the loop with 1 slit stitch. In each corner 3 fixed stitches work. Crochet the loop at the end of the round with sturdy stitches. Sew all threads.


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