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Sewing instructions Cozy plush hats

Sew a Bunny Hat (June 2019).


These plush hats enhance your chair visually and make it more comfortable and cuddly for the upcoming cold autumn and winter days. We'll show you how to sew the coats yourself.

Whether in the bedroom, study, dining room or living room - armchairs meet us in different rooms and places in the house. We have found a way to make our favorite armchairs even more beautiful: with the cuddly plush hats for DIY. The deco-cover is one of the greatest ideas and accessories for your home. Sew your own plush hat for your favorite chair - it looks decorative and is also a cozy companion for winter and autumn.

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Size of seat and backrest: approx. W 44 x D 50 x H 60 cm, cushion size: 30 x 40

You need: approx. B150 x L 150 cm Teddy plush in natural white; approx. L 5 mx W 1 cm natural white linen ribbon or natural white cotton cord; matching sewing thread; Scissors; Wrapping paper or large newspaper sheets; felt pen; big pins with head; Armchair "Högsten" from Ikea; Zipper in natural white, approx. L 30 cm; matching pillow filling

cut out

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The chair cover consists of one piece. To fix the cover to the backrest, it is folded over at the upper edge about 15 cm to the rear. At the front seat edge come about 10 cm for the envelope down. For cutting, take wrapping paper or a large sheet of newspaper and remove the shape of the backrest. Add 2-3 cm of width to the top of the backrest plus 15 cm for the cover. For the seat, record 50 cm length x 44 cm width plus 10 cm for the front cover. Cut out both parts and glue together. Re-adapt the finished paper cut to the chair shape.

Important: Determine the direction of the teddy plush before cutting. When cutting, the fabric should lie so that the plush hairs lay down when brushing towards the seat.

For the reference:

1 x cover plus 3 cm seam allowance at the curves and on both sides For the pillow

2 x rectangles of 30 x 40 cm plus around 1.5 cm seam allowance


1. Cover : Put the 15 cm wide envelope right side to right on the backrest part. Pull the cover from left to right on the backrest and use large pins to correct the curves of the backrest and position it precisely.

2. Sew up the inserted curves with the sewing machine approx. 1 cm wide, carefully cut back the seam allowances.

3. Spread the top cover 3 cm wide.

4. Put the sides of the cover 3 cm wide to the left. Tip: pull the cover back on the chair from the left and put the hems.

5. Cut a small triangle (about 2 cm deep) at the transition between the backrest and seat in the side seams. At the transition between front seat and front envelope in the seams also cut a small triangle (about 2 cm deep).

6. Stitch the stitched seams with the sewing machine stitches. Sew the cut hem edges at an angle.

7. Work the hem of the bottom cover 3 cm wide.

8.Cut 8 strips of 60 cm length from the linen ribbon.

9. Half lay the bands. Sew on three bands evenly distributed on top and bottom. Sew on a band on each side at the transition between the back and the seat.

10. Pull the cover onto the armchair and tie it to the frame with the straps.

11. Cushion: Put the rectangles right to right.

12. At one of the long edges, stiffen the two ends 5 cm. Open the cushion parts and insert the zipper into the slot. Open the zipper and put the pillow parts right again on the right side.

13. Close the two side seams and the top seam. Carefully shorten the seam allowance in the corners.

14. Turn the pillow to the right and insert a suitable filling.


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