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DIY Easy Flower Pillow (May 2019).


The same flower fabric with other color combinations of Vichykarostoffes conjures summer freshness in your living rooms. The color mix makes it - one fabric, 4 combinations with matching pompoms on every corner. The beautiful, cuddly pillows invite you to relax.

Pillows are an important element and indispensable for the home decoration in the living room, on garden furniture, in the kitchen. Actually, you can make your home more beautiful with cushions as stylish accessories. Sew yourself happy: We show you with our tips and creative ideas step by step, how you can easily sew the beautiful pieces of jewelry according to your ideas. Which fabric you use, whether with or without buttons, in which size or which colors are suitable for your pillows, you decide all alone.

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Dimensions: approx. 50 x 50 cm

You need for two or three pillows:

Embroidery fabric TARASCON, Art. 9-7447-050, by JAB, approx. W 150 cm, per pillow approx. L 55 cm; Cotton fabric with small Vichy check, W 150 cm, z. In orange, pink, green or turquoise, per cushion approx. L 55 cm; 1 zipper, L 40 cm; 12 pompom (border), color matching Vichykarostoff; matching pillow filling, matching sewing thread, scissors, tape measure

cut out

From embroidery fabric 1 square 52 x 52 cm and Vichykaro 2 rectangles of 27.5 x 52 cm.


1. Place the two Vichykaro rectangles right to right.

2. Stitch the two ends of a 52 cm long edge 5 cm (1.5 cm seam allowance), leaving a snug opening for the zipper between them.

3. Iron the short seams, iron the break and turn the whole on the right side.

4. Pin the closed zipper to the fabric, stitch it and stitch it all around tight-edged with the zipper foot of the sewing machine.

5. Pull the stitching threads and open the zipper.

6. Place the embroidery fabric and the vichy fabric right to the right, pinning three pompoms in each corner. The pompoms lie between the two sides of the pillow and point inwards. Stitch all around with 1 cm seam allowance.

Download free tutorial on

7. Iron the seams and turn the pillowcase to the right.

8. Insert the cushion pad and close the zipper.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the sweet and colorful flower pillows >>

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