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Confucius spoke ... The most beautiful sayings for fortune cookies

10 Life Lessons From Confucius We Should All Follow (March 2019).


You do not have to buy fortune cookies, you can also bake them yourself. But the highlight is certainly the little notes with a funny saying or a nice message on it. Whether Confucius can convince you with his wisdom, you can see here.

Fortune cookies do not have their funny name by any means: the far eastern biscuit tastes crunchy-yummy, and as if that alone were not enough, witty sayings, quotes from great people of our times or Chinese wisdom make for even greater happiness after eating! You want to bake fortune cookies yourself? Then take these proverbs as inspiration for your individual fortune cookies and surprise your friends, relatives and acquaintances with cheeky sayings in the crispy biscuit coat.

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The best sayings for fortune cookies

Humorous sayings:

  • "If you've been waiting for a sign - here it is!"
  • "Have a new biscuit, I have lunch."
  • "Thanks for letting me out of the cookie."
  • "In doubt, the answer is always YES!"

Wisdom of Confucius:

  • "The route is the goal."
  • "Food and intercourse are the two great desires of man."
  • "Knowing what you know and knowing what you are doing is knowledge."
  • "What you say to me, I forget. I remember what you have shown me. I understand what you let me do. "

Quotes of great people of our contemporary history:

  • "Whether a person is smart can be recognized by his answers. Whether a person is wise can be recognized by his question. "(Nagib Mahfuz)
  • "People who can not be faulted have only one, but decisive error: they are uninteresting." (Zsa Zsa Gabor)
  • "Take people as they are. There are no others. "(Konrad Adenauer)
  • "Man is many things. But he is not sensible. "(Oscar Wilde)

For the appropriate sayings is now taken care of. If you are also interested in the fortune cookie recipe, then click here >>>

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