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Stars Interview: Stephenie Meyer

10 Questions for Stephenie Meyer (June 2019).


The creator of the vampire romance "Twilight" can also do it differently: Now her dark science-fiction adventure "Souls" is released in theaters.

Stephenie Meyer

  • Born:December 24, 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut (USA).
  • Career:In 2003, she wrote the first volume of her four-part "Twilight" saga, after she came up with the idea in a dream. The books sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, were filmed with Robert Pattinson in the lead role. In 2008, the devout Mormon published the science fiction novel "Souls, " in which aliens seek to take over people's consciousness.
  • Family:Meyer is married to childhood friend Christian, with whom she has three sons. He is a Chartered Accountant and lives in Cave Creek, Arizona.

For an interview, Stephenie Meyer comes casually, in a T-Shirt by Free People. That's her first statement of our meeting, if not a political one. Because the chain stands for reasonably priced clothes - and it is noteworthy that she saves on such expenses. Finally, the creator of the "Twilight" bestseller has an annual income of an estimated 10 million euros. The only thing that makes the interview so special is the atmosphere, the five-star hotel "Four Seasons" in Los Angeles. She looks down to earth and exudes serenity and motherliness.

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Mrs. Meyer, the hype about your "Twilight" novels and movies has come to a standstill. Do you miss him?

Strangely, this sadness has never happened. Obviously I have spent enough time in this world. Maybe too much. But I miss the people I worked with during the filming


In your sci-fi novel "Souls" you have dealt with new protagonists, again they are young people - what are your interests in them?

This is not a conscious decision for young heroes. In "Twilight" I wanted to tell the story of a first love. For "souls, " I liked the heroine to be completely on her own in a dangerous world. Maybe it's because I'm a mother myself: when adolescents are affected, I get worried and nervous. I find such stories heartbreaking. By the way, I'm worried about the stars of "Twilight". That they can not walk down the street now, I find terrible. That's where the bad conscience of a mother comes in.

Love plays a big role in your novels. What is your personal definition?

There are many types of love. For me it means: If you really love someone, then you are ready to give up things that you want, because what the other person wants is more important to you. If everyone loved so much, we would have fewer problems.

They have three sons, the oldest is 16 years. What do they think of your books?

They do not read it!

You are not interested in the world famous bestseller of your mother?

They are boys. And it is embarrassing for her that her mother is famous. When someone says, "Oh, you're the son of her, " they think that's awful. One even got a wrong surname


What did you have as a teenager for an attitude towards life?

Funnily enough, my mother gave me a letter yesterday that I wrote to myself at the age of 14. It says, as I imagine my life 20 years later: I did not expect anything special, was very pragmatic. I first had to learn how fantastic my life can be.

But you never wanted to be an accountant?

No. Although I had acceptable results in math, but I never had fun. The only thing that interested me back then was write books.

Which books have influenced you?

Countless! "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, "Romeo and Juliet", the science fiction novel "Spokesman for the Dead" by Orson Scott Card or Ray Bradbury's short story collection "Dandelion Wine"


Impossible to decide for one. These are largely realistic stories.

Where does your passion for fantasy come from?

When I write, I want to go to a place that is locked in my normal life. Anything else would be too boring for me. I need the big escape. But even if the circumstances are fantastic, I'm interested in human stories about people who react in understandable ways, even in extreme circumstances. If I feel like nobody is behaving like that, then I'm mentally out of the story.

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