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From local cultivation seasonal calendar for vegetables

9 Of The Fastest Growing Veggies You Can Harvest In No Time (June 2019).


Asparagus in spring and kale in winter - everyone knows these golden rules. But with the many types of vegetables in the supermarket can easily lose the overview. Every vegetable has its best season. Here you will find the most popular varieties.

Seasonal enjoyment

Avocados, artichokes and olives are delicious, but they do not grow in Germany. If you want to do something for the environment, you will eat as much as possible of vegetables that are cultivated in your own region and for the current season. But what kind of food will that be in exactly this month? Here you will find the ultimate vegetable calendar for download (PDF, approx. 2.5 MB) with the most important local vegetables in the annual overview. Simply save or print and hang in the kitchen. From now it says: Enjoy after season!

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Our favorite vegetables

On the following pages we also present you the most popular vegetables of the Germans.What do you think, who puts it in first place:

a) the tomato,

b) the cauliflower or

c) the carrot?

Let yourself be surprised!

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

10th place: cabbage

1.2 kilograms of white cabbage are bought by Germans per household and year. White cabbage strengthens the body's defenses and contains particularly high amounts of vitamins A and C. It is the basis for some of the Germans' favorite foods: from cabbage roulade and classic stew to sauerkraut.

Fancy soup? Here you will find our recipe for a delicious vegetable stew with white cabbage.

9th place: leeks

At a rate of 1.4 kilograms per year, the leek, also called Poree, ranks 9th among the most popular types of vegetables. Usually, the tubular stalk, which can reach a length of up to 80 centimeters, is used in the kitchen. The rarely used flower of leeks is white to purple and also edible.

With leek you can conjure up wonderful casseroles and gratins - try our recipe for a leek-kohlrabi-gratin with salmon.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

8th place: asparagus

Despite the brevity of its season, the asparagus is one of the best-selling vegetables of the Germans. The Germans consume a whopping 1.8 kilograms per household per year. The asparagus spears sprout underground from a shrub and are harvested before they reach the surface of the earth. What few know: asparagus is the ideal nutrient supplier. In addition to the vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E and folic acid, it contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium and asparagine. As a result of the composition of its ingredients, asparagus also stimulates kidney activity. But beware of high-fat side dishes!

Here we have put together a selection of delicious asparagus recipes for you.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

7th place: cauliflower

At 1.9 kilograms, it brings the tuberous white sweetness in every household per year. The characteristic white inflorescence is freed before the preparation of leaves and stalk. Cauliflower is easy to digest and rich in vitamin C and minerals.

Cauliflower is a delicacy even raw: try our recipe for cauliflower salad with spicy dressing.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

6th place: iceberg lettuce

A lightness: 2.8 kilograms of it land annually on the plates of the Germans. The crunchy subspecies of lettuce is also ideal for burgers and sandwiches.

Try our tastiest salad recipes.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

5th place: peppers

Tricolore - 4.8 kilograms of peppers are eaten by the Germans per household per year. While the pod comes in many shapes and colors, the roundish-oval shape in the colors green, yellow and red has prevailed on the German market as far as possible.

You want to try a vegetarian lasagna? No problem with our recipe for paprika lasagna with mozzarella.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

4th place: onions

Howling allowed: The good old onion is freed from its shell by the Germans kilos and consumed. From many home-style recipes, it is just as impossible to imagine as the Italian or Oriental cuisine. 6.2 kilograms of onions consume German households on average per year.

Not only in the pan, but also on the skin onions can work wonders, for example if you are plagued by mosquito bites. Click here for our SOS pharmacy of natural remedies.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

3rd place: cucumber

Just before the onions, the cucumber lands on number 3 of the most popular vegetables of the Germans. With more than 95 percent water, it not only boosts the fluid balance but also provides the body with the valuable vitamins C, A and B1.

Even as a liquid appetizer a treat: Try our recipe for a watermelon and cucumber soup.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

2nd place: carrot

It is the fruit of a thousand names. In the north you say carrot, in the south yellow turnip, in Switzerland turnips or carrots. Some even call it carrot or root. Either way, the carrot is the second most popular vegetable of the Germans. Whole 7.8 kilograms are consumed per household and year. Meal!

Which culinary combination carrots provide for an ideal strengthening of your immune system, read in our tables of healthy food.

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

1st place: tomato

And the Winner is: The red, juicy, pithy, fruity, tomatoe, yummy, intensely aromatic tomato. Every household consumes around 10 kilograms of fresh tomatoes a year. If one adds processing forms such as tomato paste and ketchup, it is at least twice as much. This makes the tomato the undisputed number one among the most popular vegetable varieties of the Germans. By the way: Europe's largest tomato producers are Italy and Spain.

For the star chef Cornelia Poletto from Hamburg summer and tomatoes are simply together. What kind of tomato she loves especially, read in our exclusive article "Shopping and cooking with Cornelia Poletto".

Downloads vegetable calendar (PDF)

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