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Valentine's Day - probably the most romantic day of the year! Couples in love celebrate this day worldwide and thus express their love. Also this year, couples on Valentine's Day swear each other's love. Are you still missing Valentine's gifts? No problem, we have suggestions for you and him. We have put together for you creative crafting instructions for personal gifts, delicious recipes for special cake for Valentine's Day and much more for you - of course, all with an extra touch of romance.

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Sweet for lovers

baking recipe

Strawberry Rose Petits-Fours

These little hearts are hard to beat for cuteness.

baking recipe

Valentine Cupcakes

A delicious composition of chocolate and raspberry.

baking recipe

Red velvet cake with hearts

A cake for the eyes - and for the heart.

baking recipe

Black Forest Cherry Cake Pops

The classic as a little snack on a spit.

baking recipe

Cake pops with caramel

Just the right candy for Valentine's Day.

baking recipe

Cherry quark cake without baking

A fresh cake with juicy cherries.

baking recipe

Tiramisu cake

The taste of an aromatic tiramisus and the look of a romantic cake.

baking recipe

Small cake on a stick

These little cakes are almost too cute to be nibbled.

Romantic surprises

Valentine's Day

The perfect bouquet

Whether roses or orchids: flowers speak the same language.

pure romance

Love poems that go to the heart

With these poems you bring your feelings to paper.

To download

Sweet valentine cards

Your sweetheart is especially happy about a card from the heart.

Delicious recipe ideas

Breakfast surprise for lovers

Whether you enjoy these treats in bed is up to you.

Asian surprise

Sushi for Valentine's Day

Just make the small snacks at home and surprise Schatzi.

proposal of marriage

Surprise: Will you marry me?

Valentine's Day is the perfect day for a romantic proposal.

DIY ideas for the heart


Sweet gift ideas to make your own

On Pinterest you will find great DIY ideas. We have compiled our favorites here.

Gift tips for the heart man

gift idea

Men are happy about this on Valentine's Day

If the woman gets flowers, the Lord must not go out empty-handed.

Seductive treats

Menu Recipe

Aphrodisiac delicious

Love goes through the stomach. And special eroticism is provided by very specific ingredients and spices.

Further content for Valentine's Day

Single on Valentine's Day?

Make rings yourself

Which flowers should I give?

Tiramisu cake

Gingerbread heart recipe

Valentines gifts for men

Cake pops with caramel

Breakfast ideas for Valentine's Day

Sushi recipes for Valentine's Day

Ideas for a romantic Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day - the day of the lovers. Some love him, most singles just want him to pass quickly. But actually, the annual Valentine's Day is a nice occasion to celebrate the love of his partner. All over the world, couples in love on February 14 prove how much they love each other. Whether with little touches, a candlelit dinner or just a cozy evening for two - the most important thing is to be together and to show how much each other means.

Creative and exceptional Valentine's Day gifts
Almost everywhere it is a custom to give something to his partner for Valentine's Day. It does not necessarily depend on the size or the material value of the gift. It should come from the heart and express exactly what you would like to say to your sweetheart. But it is not always easy to find the perfect gift for this special day. To make your search easier, we have put together some of the most beautiful gift ideas for Valentine's Day for you. You are spoiled for choice: classic Valentine gifts such as a key ring, a love lock with a personal engraving or a romantic declaration of love and flowers are always well received. But also with original gifts such as a tandem parachute jump, a romantic city trip to the city of love - Paris or a real shooting star you can surprise your sweetheart.

Dinner for two - cook with love

Both men and women enjoy a homemade Valentine's menu. No matter if you are a passionate amateur cook or if you prefer to avoid the kitchen in the normal case: our recipe ideas for Valentine's Day can be guaranteed for everyone to cook or bake. How about, for example, a DIY cookie dough ice cream or fortune cookies with personal love messages? With one of the most romantic love films of all time you can end the Valentine's day in a successful way.

Is Valentine's Day not just an invention of the flower and chocolate industry?

Some may think Valentine's Day was invented by some eager business people who want to increase their sales of chocolate, flowers and chocolates. However, according to legend, the day is dedicated to a bishop named Valentin of Terni, who trusted many lovers in the third century. It is also said that the marriages he made were particularly happy and lasted for a long time. Whether the origin of Valentine's Day is in this legend or elsewhere, it is and remains the day of love and therefore perfect for really enjoying the time with your sweetheart.

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