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DIY Christmas Decorations & Gifts | Christmas In A Jar (May 2019).


Just in time for the first Advent, it will be time again to set up candles throughout the house. We have ideas to make your own for a nice candle magic.

With little effort and a lot of fun, the block candles can be transformed into a Christmas decor. First heat the candle with a lighter and then lightly press in the artificial pearls.

It should be red and crunchy and you can transform an ordinary apple into an extraordinary candlestick.

First prick out the core of the handle, so that a candle can be stably inserted. Then squirt the crosses of icing to different patterns on the apples.

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Tasty, the candles are a minor matter: lemon cake with snowflake decoration from anise. A recipe for aniseed snowflakes can be found here.

In winter, the flower box is simply converted and decorated with Christmas balls and candles, the snowy garden.

Whether at Christmas or birthday, candlelight in muffins always make you feel good.

Bring out the bricks behind the house and make a cozy candlestick. With a file you can create enough space for three candles and with a little color an individual touch.

Simple yet effective: place brightly colored candles in a beautiful glass and decorate with a bow.

With creativity, fir branches, bows and all other materials that you find at home, individual arrangements can be made.

This decoration is very easy to make. In a commercial clothes clamp, red Christmas tree candles are simply stuck and beautify the table.

A wide gift ribbon is enough to conjure up a loving decoration from a simple tealight.

It does not always have to be a big fir. Even little trees decorated with candles make wonderful in the entire house.

It's cold outside and in the warm room a tray of tea, macarons and candlelight smiles at us. Sometimes it can be winter forever. A biscuit, a candle: it often does not have to be more deco.

Candles are not only storm-proof and even more cozy than lanterns. With a clothespin, colors and felt every light can be additionally personalized.

Small but nice: tealights in small glasses can be festively decorated with dried fruit, pearls and fir green.

  1. Thoroughly rinse in preserving jars without screw cap.
  2. Measure a piece of thin siber wire at the top of the glass and put on red wooden beads.
  3. Tighten the bead ring around the edge of the glass. Stick a small fir branch under the wreath per glass and put in a tealight.

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