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Smooth treatment forms against cellulite

10 Weird Ways You Can Get Rid Of Cellulite (June 2019).


Stop cellulite! These forms of treatment make the skin firm again and dents are destroyed. Whether with laser or cream, summer can come.

1. Treatment: Heat strands for firm contours

The key to smooth, beautiful skin is the collagen support protein. Over the years, the body produces less of it. The skin loses strength and volume, the tissue sags. One solution is called Thermage.The subcutaneous tissue is heated up by high-frequency radio waves, the collagen fibers are shortened. Professor George Khoury, plastic-aesthetic surgeon from Hamburg: "This type of therapy has been around for a while, it has been improved several times. The latest development, Thermage CPT, is particularly effective. "

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The treatment:For orientation, the doctor transfers a grid to the area to be treated and moves the head of the device from point to point during the 20 to 120 minute treatment. The device emits an amount of energy at each point, which is exactly matched to the tissue volume. The impulses trigger a collagen contraction in depth and stimulate its regeneration. To prevent damage to the epidermis, an integrated cooling system provides the necessary heat protection. The 40-degree heat strand is perceived only as a painless, short Piksen.

Ideal for:All those who feel disturbed by dents on the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and knees. The Thermage treatment also softens wrinkles, cushions the facial skin and helps against double chin.

The promise:a rejuvenation effect of about five years. The immediate smoothing effect is initially due to a slight swelling, long-term results appear after two to four months. Professor Khoury: "That's how long it takes for the elastic fibers in the connective tissue to reform."

Price & Info:The costs depend on the body part to be treated. Tummy tuck from about 700 euros. Usually a treatment is enough, eg

2. Treatment: A new laser promises dent clearance

Lasers have been shedding a good light on the body for a long time, loosening attached fat pads and smoothing the contour. Now there is a new laser type, the "Cellulaze".In this method, the laser not only destroys the fat cells that cause dents, but also eliminates the orange peel pattern and tightens the skin. Dr. Klaus Hoffmann, Deputy Director of the Department of Dermatology at the Ruhr University Bochum: "A real breakthrough in the treatment of cellulite."

Treatment:The patient receives local anesthesia or a light anesthetic. The doctor pushes a fine cannula under the skin with the laser. The precisely dosed energy dissolves fat deposits in a targeted manner and cuts through fine tissue fibers that connect the skin and muscles and provide the orange peel pattern. At the same time, the heat of the laser stimulates the body's own collagen production. The treatment takes about 90 minutes. After that, the skin immediately appears tighter, but the final result is only apparent after three to six months.

Ideal for:women who want to get rid of cellulite and small fat deposits quickly and effectively. Side effects may include swelling and mild sores, and occasionally bruising, which will fade after a few days.

The promise:In just one session - so the prognosis of the manufacturer Cynosure - the cellulite causes are completely eliminated. That sounds just too nice! Although an independent clinical study comes to the same conclusion, dermatologist Dr. Klaus Hoffmann carried out his own tests in his clinic.

His conclusion:"The statements of the study have been confirmed. After treatment with the new laser system, skin elasticity improved by around 33 percent and skin thickness by 22 percent. This is not achieved by any other method known to me. "We women are enthusiastic!

Price & Info:The lasering and tightening of both legs with "Cellulaze" has its price, it costs about 3000 euros - but lasts long. Information and doctor search on

3. Treatment: A cream is supposed to work wonders

For the cosmetics expert Martina Schwieger of Hamburg for a long time was certain: "problem areas can not be creamed off, cellulite certainly not." Now she says: "It may work." But in no case with a cream for all. Because there are three forms of cellulite, they show each in five stages, from mild to pronounced. In her institute she treats all dents on thighs, buttocks and hips with a new, individual program called " Cellulishock" .

The treatment:An intensive exfoliation prepares the skin for the tailor-made active substance mix. The beautician doses firming, fat-dissolving or dehydrating substances such as caffeine, horsetail and collagen to match the individual cellulite form. Galvanic current and a final body mask intensify the effect. "Between the weekly treatments, the client massages a special cream twice a day. A type-appropriate dietary supplement supports the process from the inside, "says the beauty expert.

Ideal for:Women who want to tighten their thighs and hips in a gentle way. However, it is quite time consuming, compared to the previous methods, to go to the beautician once a week for treatments. Even the cream at home needs consistency and patience.

The promise:Many methods have tested them, "Cellulishock" is the first cosmetic solution that helps. Martina Schwieger is convinced. Her experience: "After ten treatments, the skin is visibly firmer and smoother - and the typical cellulite dents are significantly reduced." Her prognosis: "If you pay attention to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, the result can last long."

Price & Info:Each treatment costs about 110 euros, the products for the home 177 euros. If you have no time for regular appointments at the institute, you can also use highly concentrated active ingredient patches ("Cellulishock Ion Lipolytic", 6 pieces approx. 150 Euro) to transfer fat-reducing ingredients into the skin via an integrated mini-battery. Institute finder:

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