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Beautiful gifts for birth

Oh Baby, Baby! Check Out These Baby Shower Ideas & More DIY Hacks by Blossom (March 2019).


The birth is a special event for the new parents, to which friends and relatives like to give presents to mother, father and baby. But finding the perfect gift among all the products on offer is not always easy. We have therefore collected great gift ideas for you.

A little tree for childbirth

It has become tradition in many families to plant a tree to give birth to a child. With this present you give the new parents everything they need: In the beautiful box are 3 seeds with spruce seeds and a sign for the personal name engraving.

You can order the seed balls here, for example >>

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Bouquet of baby clothes

Flowers or rather a romper - what is more suitable for birth? With this bouquet of baby clothes you kill two birds with one stone and hand over a beautiful "bouquet of flowers", which turns into an original equipment set after unpacking.

>> Baby trouble for boys

>> baby shower for girls


A baby gets a piece of his personality with his name - and this can make you shine forever in heaven's time. Baptize a star in the name of the newborn, and the new human being on Earth will be remembered for ever with his star chart.

For example, the set for the baptism of the stars can be found here >>


With this baby measure on a sheet is cuddly soft and practical on top of that. The baby can be put off in good conscience and, as it happens, the baby's growth is displayed.

The baby measure can be found here for example >>

Dinner set for babies

With this set of crockery and cutlery, babies learn to handle knives and forks in an early and playful way. And should a part say goodbye to the floor, thanks to the durable material, nothing breaks.

For example, the dinner set can be found here >>

Hooded towel

After bathing, a baby should be dried as soon as possible. With this hooded towel, you can do it quickly and thanks to the practical hood, you can wrap it right cuddly.

The hooded towel can be found here >>

photo shoots

Not only for portraits is a coupon for a professional photo shoot. The newlywed parents are sure to enjoy the same way when they get great pictures of their child for the birth of their baby.

For example, you can get the voucher here >>

Gift set "Pure relaxation"

Babies are wonderful gifts - but the parents can also stress properly. Here comes the relaxation set as called. Spoil your mom and dad with the set "WhiteTea" and they will be grateful for this break from everyday life for a long time.

The gift set can be found here >>

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