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Holiday tips for the Easter holiday


Take advantage of the holidays for a relaxing Easter holiday - we give tips on planning and recommended destinations.

Traveling over Easter

book the Canary Islands. There are cheap offers at the cheap flights and travel providers on the Internet. City trips are better suited for traveling without children. Spend a long weekend in Barcelona, ​​Paris or Rome (and take part in the Easter Mass in St. Peter's Square, then extensively Mediterranean). If you are interested, you can also visit pilgrimage sites and go to pilgrimage sites.

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The Easter days are rather too short for a trip outside Europe or North Africa. Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt can usually be reached within four to five hours by air from Germany and always offer a warm climate. Due to the current changes, there are very cheap all-inclusive offers. Here you should first inquire about the current security situation at the Foreign Office and then about the services provided by the provider.

With all the planning, the real goal should not be lost sight of: namely to do something good for yourself and your loved ones and to treat yourself to a little escape from everyday life. Unwind, recharge your batteries and soak up the sun. And consciously enjoy. Nevertheless, you do not have to renounce Easter rituals: there are Easter festivals (albeit in different forms than usual) all over the world.

In this sense: Happy Easter and a nice holiday!

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