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Less fat with full taste? Rama Cremefine shows how you can save calories with simple tricks and enjoy the Easter brunch without a guilty conscience. Easter is a feast for the whole family. With the extensive brunch you can enjoy not only the free time with family and friends, but also many delicious delicacies. Whether hearty or sweet, cold or warm - at the Easter brunch, everyone can serve to their heart's content. As is also like once feasted in the afternoon. Rama Cremefine has three clever tips to make sure that the feast takes place without remorse. True to the motto "Make it easy! Better exchanging instead of abstaining "can be easily saved at many Easter meals calories.

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Tip 1: Swap meat for fish

Many families eat fish on Good Friday and lamb on Easter. However, if you want to save calories and do something for your well-being at the same time, you can count on fish even on the Easter weekend. This contains many valuable unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential because the body can not produce them by themselves and therefore they must be ingested through the diet. With a delicious fish pan, cod on potato-fennel gratin or cod in mustard sauce you are so twice right.

Tip 2: Swap animal for herbal products

If you also want to look for a colorful and diverse diet at Easter, you can simply turn to fresh, seasonal vegetables. Not only does it taste good, it also contains many minerals and vitamins. Easter time is the ideal occasion to start the asparagus season. So why not just celebrate Easter with a delicious asparagus pan or crunchy asparagus with herb sauce? That tastes and brings variety to the table.

Tip 3: Swap cream for Rama Cremefine

Sweet and creamy desserts should not be missed as a highlight for the Easter brunch. Who exchanges cream for Rama Cremefine in the preparation, enjoys the full taste and also saves calories.

Dessert classics such as mousse au chocolat or eggnog mousse can be prepared in no time with just three ingredients. Easter cake, eggnog cake or sweet waffles "Fried egg" make a lot of taste and decorate the Easter table at the same time.

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