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Healthy seasonal cuisine Spring recipes

Seasonal Weekday Recipes // Simple + Delicious (March 2019).


Simple, fresh and irresistible are our spring recipes. The colorful variety of the seasonal spring kitchen can be found here.

Goat cheese salad with honey

For all goat cheese lovers, the recipe is a dream. And wonderfully easy. Just leave out the bread.

Here is the recipe for the goat cheese salad with honey >>

Discover our other spring recipes >>

Chicken breast fillet with mangetouts

Whether lunch or dinner, the chicken breast fillet in combination with the mangetout tastes light and is easy to digest.

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Recipe: Chicken breast fillet with mangetouts >>

Vietnamese summer rolls

The summer roles are done quickly and you can let off steam creatively. Try our recipe for rice paper rolls with tofu.

Here is the recipe for the delicious Vietnamese summer rolls >>

Spring asparagus with lemon and mint

The spring asparagus is dressed with lemon and mint. Delicious is that - and vegetarian!

Recipe: Spring asparagus with lemon and mint

Here are other tasty asparagus recipes >>

Bread salad with buffalo mozzarella

What the eye are the different colored tomatoes and for the enjoyment of the whole salad.

Here is the recipe for the bread salad with buffalo mozzarella >>

Mixed salad

Wash, cut, mix, done! The colorful salad makes tired spirits lively.

Cold fennel soup with salad strips

Refreshing and light is our cold fennel soup with white wine and pastis.

Recipe: Cold fennel soup with salad strips

Lamb fillet skewers

The meat skewer makes the dish particularly appetizing and makes it easy to spring with the tomato and bean salad.

Recipe: lamb fillet skewers

Asparagus crostini with goat's cheese

Finally asparagus time again! The fine-spicy taste of green asparagus complements perfectly with the fine touch of goat's cheese.

Recipe: asparagus crostini with goat's cheese

Sweet potato soup with coconut

Soups always go, especially for lean days before summer. It is topped with a lime-coriander gremolata.

Here's the recipe for the delicious sweet potato soup with coconut >>

Tomato and parsley salad

If you want to be quick, the pre-treated tender wheat is ready in ten minutes.

How to conjure up the delicious tomato-parsley salad >>

Stuffed courgette flowers

The zucchini flowers are filled with shrimp, couscous and paprika.

Recipe for filled zucchini flowers >>

Couscous rolls with goat's cheese

In no time the small couscous fingerfood snacks are prepared and taste incredibly refreshing.

Recipe: couscous rolls with goat's cheese

Caramelized vegetables

Mangetout, spring onions, cherry tomatoes - all these vegetables are wonderfully caramelized.

Here are some ideas for caramelized vegetables >>

Zucchini flowers with salmon ricotta filling

A refreshing recipe for spring fever! You can also omit the salmon.

Recipe: Zucchini flowers with salmon ricotta filling

Blueberry cheesecake

This cake goes without baking and the fridge makes it so refreshing.

Click here for the recipe for the blueberry and cream cheese cake >>

berry jelly

Fresh, delicious and irresistible is the berry jelly with homemade custard.

Apricot tart with a fine vanilla cream

The trick: The fruits are caramelized under the grill.

Recipe: apricot tart with fine vanilla cream

Salmon fillet from the oven

Salmon convinces with many polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on your cholesterol level. The preparation is straightforward and simple - try it!

So you can prepare the healthy salmon filet from the oven >>

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