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Follow in the footsteps of the raclette or admire the inside of an ancient glacier. Not only in summer, but also in winter, the Swiss Valais has a lot in store. Our highlights.

Valais thermal baths

The warm water from the depths of the Valais mountains has been a source of relaxation and healing in the region for decades. The water relaxes the muscles after a hard day on the slopes and stimulates the circulation. From the warm water of the thermal bath you can look directly at the Valais mountains - an experience. Thermal baths can be found, for example, in Breiten, Saillon or Ovronnaz.

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Hike around the lake Champex-Lac

Not only in summer, no, even in winter, the little village of Champex-Lac scores with its idyllic postcard landscape. Fittingly, Champex-Lac is also known as the "Little Canada of Switzerland". A highlight: a winter hike around the lake of the village, in the midst of a fairy-tale setting.

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Visit to the Bernardine Museum

Get the dog: The history of the Saint Bernard Dogs visitors can inform themselves in the museum "Barryland - Musée et Chiens du Saint Bernard". The cultural center in the small town of Martigny in the Lower Valais region is named after a legendary avalanche dog, which according to stories has saved over 20 people's lives. This is also where the foundation with the world's oldest breed of Swiss national dog sits.

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Fondation Rainer Maria Rilke, Sierre

Experience poetry? In the house Pancrace de Courten, built in 1769, sits a foundation dedicated entirely to the European poet Rainer Maria Rilke. On offer: a permanent exhibition, a library with about 7, 000 literary works and a comprehensive archive in which to browse. Rainer Maria Rilke lived from 1921 to 1926 in the castle Muzot (Veyras, Valais). In addition to lectures and readings, individual visits are also offered.

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In the footsteps of Raclette, Sion

In Sion, a cultural treat awaits. With anecdotes about Roman soldiers, medieval craftsmen and other personalities of Valais history, one is introduced to the history of the Swiss traditional dish Raclette. Guided tours of the monuments of the old town of Sion are offered, as well as wine tasting and of course a typical Valais raclette. Price: CHF 54 for adults, CHF 44 for children. Further information at: Tourist Office of Sion, phone: 027-327 77 27,

Old Town Market in Sion

Every Friday, the Rue du Grand-Pont (de Lausanne et du Rhône) transforms into a charming alleyway with shopping stands in Sion. In front of the historic buildings, colorful tents are built, selling, for example, traditional crafts or Valais specialties. Opening hours: 8 am to 2 pm (April to October), 9 am to 2 pm (November to end of March)

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Tour of the Zinalgletscher

An impressive natural spectacle can be experienced during a visit to the interior of the Zinalgletscher - at an altitude of up to 3450 meters above sea level. The icy giant is formed by the three glaciers Grand Cornier, Durand and Mountet. On a guided snowshoe hike one enters spectacular glacier grottos, which are crossed by torrents below the ice. Guided tours take place from mid-December to mid-March. Duration of the hike: five hours.

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Ski Resort Crans-Montana

Crans Montana is located in the French-speaking part of Valais and is a popular winter sports paradise. The slopes are varied, there are snow parks for freestylers, winter hiking trails for nature lovers and toboggan runs, where the whole family has fun. The ski resort of Crans Montana is divided into different zones: the relaxation zone, the 100% winter sports zone and the discovery zone. Away from the alpine slopes, cross-country skiers will also get their money's worth.

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Enjoy Valais specialties

Among the Valais wines from old, local varieties for enthusiasm, such as the grapes of Petite Arvin, Amigne, Cornalin, Humagne and Resi. The "Winery Caesar Varonier & Sons" offers exciting tours through its own winery. Of course, a tasting is also included. Andy Varonier took over the estate of his family. Previously, he was goalkeeper at FC Sion, later top manager in the automotive industry. An insider tip from the Valais: Varonier wines. The traditional specialties of the Valais include dishes with the meat of the Eringerkuh. Plus: there is great chocolate, for example here.

Toboggan and hiking fun in the Champex-Lac ski area

In Champex-Lac, the whole family can down a mountain on a seven kilometer long run. With the wind in the neck and the Valais Alps in mind, a descent here is a very special experience. Around the village of Champex-Lac also guided snowshoeing takes place - at 1470 meters above sea level. With a leisurely step you can enjoy the landscape in this way, stop in between and realize how beautiful it is in Valais.

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