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Caring, love yearning for security

Why do I want to be hugged & cared for? (February 2019).


A nice word - and an even better feeling: who feels security, is strong. Whoever mediates wins. Why you can not give others and yourself a more valuable gift

Last week I met with my old friend Juan Antonio. He is a teacher at a Madrid grammar school and spent a few days in Hamburg to refresh his German. We sat in the cafe, the rain pattered against the windows, and we sipped hot cocoa from old-fashioned cups. "Is that safe, " said Juan Antonio, beaming. "You mean more comfortable, right?", I asked and tried to describe what the word "security" actually means - which is not so easy. Because in Spanish, as well as in many other languages, it does not exist. Security includes security and protection, but much more: closeness, warmth, trust, contentment, physical contact, inner peace, belonging and home - just what we need to be happy, balanced and capable.

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