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The crochet coat attracts attention not only by the mix of materials, but keeps thanks to the fluffy hood and the ears nice and warm.

Hooded jacket

Size: 38 - 42

Material: 700 g Purple-Green Melted (Fb 003) "Ragazza Everybody" (80% merino wool, 20% polyamide, LL = 75 m / 100 g) and 500 g purple (Fb 009) "Pelo" (60% pure new wool, 35% polyacrylic, 5% polyamide, LL = 40 m / 50 g) from LANA GROSSA. 1 Crochet N Nr 10 by LANA GROSSA. 1 button.
Basic pattern: DStb. Each R begins with 4 Turn Lftm as a replacement for 1st Dtr and ends with 1 Dtrb in the last turn of the supply. In Rd close each round with 1 sl st in the 4th substitute run. Mesh sample in "Pelo": 11, 5 M and 6R = 20x20cm, in "everybody": 15 M and 7, 5 R = 20 x 20 cm.

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Note: First work the cape (= upper jacket part) and then crochet the lower jacket parts. Due to the round worked cape a cut can be made only for the lower jacket parts.

Design: For the cape with hood 94 lftm + 4 turn-lftm in "pelo" and in the basic pattern arb. At the 10th row from the last piece dec on every 2nd + 3rd st = 63 sts. In the 12th row cast off 15 times 2 sts each time, 1 sts 3 times and 15 times 2 sts each = 31 sts R mark the center DStb (= rear center). Then for shaping 3x in each 2R (= 15th, 17th and 19th row from the stop) before and after the marked st each 1 row repeat, for 2 sts bin1 puncture site arb = 37 sts. In the 23rd, 24th and 25th sts From the stop, cut off the 2 dtr each before and after the marker = 31 sts. Finish with the 25 th row. Now the lower parts of the jacket directly onto the stop edge of the Pele- rine arb. For this, divide and mark the stop edge as follows: 1st - 15th M = left front; 16. - 33. M = left sleeve, 34. - 61. M = back, 62. - 79. M = right sleeve, 80. - 94. M = right front. First, work the back arb, but then crochet the edge in the marked area with 40 DStb in "Everybody" and continue in the basic pattern. After 50 cm from the beginning of the back, work 2 cm = 2 rows and finish. The front parts also hard, while the edge each with 20 sts. For the sleeves, crochet the edge at 26 Dtrb each. After the 1st R close to the Rd and from the 2nd Rd in the basic pattern in Rd arb, the 1st R remains open. After 40 cm from beg of sleeve, work 2 rounds and finish.

Completion: Close the side seams, leaving the upper 3 cm (= 1st R) open. Sew this 3 cm (= edge tr) to the open edge tr in the 1st sleeve R. Close the center seam of the hood. Sew the button on the top of the left front edge and button through the sts.

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