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6 Of Natures Most Powerful Medicinal Plants worth growing in your garden (May 2019).


"Medical Gardening" is a great garden idea that does not require much space and a green thumb. For self-grown medicinal plants are extremely effective. We show you which herbs you can plant on your balcony.

If someone in their family has a sore throat, Melanie Wenzel does not go to the pharmacy, but to her herbal bed. "If I make my own drug, I know exactly what's in it, " says the Cologne naturopath. "And against most ailments, in fact, a herb has grown." "In addition, many medicinal plants are more robust than ornamental plants, need hardly care. "Sage also thrives on a mini-balcony and even on the windowsill, " she explains. Having your own herbs is even better than collecting them in the wild. On roadsides, for example, you can never be sure if leaves and flowers are really clean. Nine of the most important plants are presented here.

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Sleep well with lavender

"A delicious herb against all cold brains of the brain, " praised the Italian physician Matthiolus in the 16th century lavender. Meanwhile, scientifically proven: The essential oils of violet flowers have a calming effect on muscles and nerves. The recipe:For a sleep-inducing lavender bath, put 2 handfuls of fresh or 100 g dried lavender flowers (instructions on page 85) and 200 ml almond oil (pharmacy) in a screw-top jar. Close well and place in a warm, sunny place for 2 months. Then pour the oil through a sieve, squeeze out flowers, store the liquid in a dark bottle. Add 10 drops of lavender oil and 2 tablespoons of cream to the bath water. Tip:Alternatively, you can put dried lavender herb in a cloth bag made of linen or pure cotton and put it next to the pillow. The gradually escaping essential oils work the whole night on the nervous system - you sleep quieter and deeper.

Damask Rose looks younger

If you smelled like roses while walking, there is probably a garden with "Rosa damascena" nearby. The very aromatic oils of the beautiful "Medicinal Plant of the Year 2013" have been used since ancient times as a balm for skin and soul. The recipe:A wonderfully fragrant rose oil that nourishes and protects the skin, make from a handful of dried, small cut rose petals and 80 ml of almond oil (pharmacy). Put together in a container, close and keep dark. Shake once a day. After about seven weeks, the oil is completely drawn through. Tip:Your rose oil is also suitable for aromatherapy to relieve headaches - put a few drops in a scent lamp and breathe slowly and deeply into the abdomen for one minute.

Get well through menopause with lady's mantle

The lady's mantle looks especially beautiful at dawn: on its leaves, it collects delicate drops of dew that shine in the morning sun. She was always close to the women, the Teutons consecrated the plant of the love goddess Freya. Since the Middle Ages one knows the healing effect of the herb. The recipe:For a tea against flying heat and other menopausal problems, pour 1 tbsp of fresh cabbage (or 1 tsp dried) with 1/4 l of hot water, infuse for 10 minutes. Drink 3 cups of it daily. Tip:Not more than 3 cups per day: women's mantle tea can otherwise cause stomach discomfort. Do not take longer than 2 months, then take a break of 2 months.

Cure gently with chamomile tummy ache

Our mothers still collected real chamomile on the edges of wheat fields. Through the use of agricultural machinery, the flower grows only rarely wild today. Because she does not need much care, luckily she can easily be planted on the balcony. The recipe:Chamomile tea is particularly effective against abdominal pain when brewing it from 2 tsp of dried chamomile flowers and 1/4 l of boiling water (let it steep for 8 minutes). Drink several cups throughout the day. Tip:Lukewarm chamomile tea also helps against sore throat and gum problems - gargle several times a day.

Smooth the lips with lemon balm

Researchers at the University of Heidelberg have discovered a great alternative to pharmacy products: lemon balm extract can keep herpes viruses at bay. It works best if you start the therapy at the first tingling sensation. The recipe:In case of cold sores pluck some leaves, stir in a mortar to a paste, give to the affected area. Tip:For a calming lemon balm tea, it is best to use especially soft leaves. Do not pour the water bubbly over it, but allow to cool slightly (brewing time: 10 minutes).

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