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Gifts Gift ideas for the 18th birthday

What I Got For My 18TH BIRTHDAY!! *GIFT GUIDE + IDEAS* (March 2019).


The 18th birthday is a special event. Whether it's a family member or a good friend coming of age, this special day will be celebrated with a special gift. We have collected the best gift ideas for you.

Birthday gifts for the 18th

There are many gifts for the 18th, but finding the right one is not always easy. Because the gift for the 18th birthday should be something special! The first gifts that come to you when you come of age are often of a financial nature, be it for the driver's license, the first car or your first home. But there are many other fun and creative gift ideas for this special birthday. Think about what the birthday boy's interests are and choose your gift accordingly. Beautiful are personalized gifts that are tailored to the birthday child and always give him or her a memory of that special day.

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Here in the gallery you will find a few suggestions and creative gift ideas for the 18th birthday.Good luck with searching!

Exclusive photo shoot

Exclusive photo shoot

If the gifted person likes high quality photography and maybe even a healthy dose of self-love, this 18th birthday gift is guaranteed to arrive. With the voucher for an exclusive photo shoot, she may - and if desired also her partner - feel for a day like a star.

Go to the photo shoots here >>

Taster tour with the quad

Taster tour with the quad

It is always a pleasure to board the roads, paths and terrain with the powerful machine. If this vehicle is a quad, the fun factor gets even higher. Give away a quad taster tour in your area.

Go to the quad-taster tours here >>

Beer Bottle Holster

Beer Bottle Holster

Thanks to the ingenious beer holster is now the one-armed cheers over and the fallen steak past! Because for most men, beer is simply part of it: for barbecuing in the park or watching football. Only problem: Man (n) has only one hand free to turn the burger or for the Laola wave. This is the end of this gift.

Go to the practical beer bottle holster here >>

TV remote control in football format

TV remote control in football format

A funny gag for any football fan: This remote control for the TV has the shape of a football. You can even throw the device at each other without causing damage. Only football games you should probably not better.

Here's the funny TV remote control in football form >>

Hip flask with engraving

Hip flask with personal engraving

With this personal idea you can reach the fresh adults particularly well. With the age of majority, the consumption of alcohol is officially allowed and in this hip flask with individual engraving definitely looks better than a simple bottle of beer, wine or the like. Well then cheers!

The flask with personal engraving can be found here >>

Lolli Popart

Lolli Popart

With this cute surprise you make sweet tooth a pleasure. The pretty gift box includes a delicious fruit lollipop and colorful sugar confetti. Because gifts do not always have to cost 100 euros or more - sometimes the little things get on really well.

Go to the gift idea "Lolli Popart" here >>

Bracelet with engraving

Braided leather bracelet with engraving

The leather strap is comfortable on the skin and has a handy quick release. For an individual touch, you can engrave the name in the incorporated stainless steel element. So this gift is a very personal idea.

To the leather bracelet with engraving click here >>

Lighter with engraving

Lighter with engraving

Personalize the popular "Zippo" lighter by engraving it with a photo and name. From a portrait photo of yourself to the coat of arms of the favorite sports club of the birthday boy, everything is possible. A beautiful and, above all, personal gift idea for the 18th birthday .

Go to the lighter with individual engraving here >>

Finger Drums

Finger Drums

Test your sense of rhythm and become a professional finger drummer! Every time a certain element of the drum kit is played, it lights up. For passionate amateur drummers and those who still want to be, this miniature instrument is the right gift.

The finger drums can be found here

T-shirt with print

T-Shirt "finally 18"

With this funny T-shirt you are guaranteed to meet the humor of many youngsters. This gift will surely make for many laughs at the birthday party! And the donated person no longer has to worry about the right outfit, because this shirt clearly identifies who is celebrating his majority.

Go to the humorous printed T-shirt here >>

Wall clock in vinyl look

Wall clock in vinyl look

Not only for nostalgics, this tasteful wall clock is a nice gift idea. Because the shiny black and the fine grooves are not only associated with beautiful memories for many people - it is also simply a great design!

The wall clock in record optics can be found here >>

Magic money gift box

Magic money gift box with Swarovski crystals

This magic gift box can only be opened with a little trick, which you can tell the birthday child, for example, only after solving a little puzzle. You will of course receive a guide explaining how to deposit your gift in the magic box. To give the gift a personal touch, you can engrave the box with an individual text and the name of the birthday child.

Order here the magic money gift box >>

Magic mug for the 18th birthday

Magic mug for the 18th birthday

This cup is not just a normal drinking cup - the writing on the cup is revealed only when it is filled with liquid. There the adult can gradually read features befitting his new role as an adult. At the top, your desired name appears, so it's very clear to whom this magical mug belongs.

Here is the magic mug >>

Or try this funny cup for your 18th birthday >>

Donor box for the 18th birthday

Donation box as a gift of money

With the age of majority, there are often some major wishes such as the driver's license, a private car or a private apartment. That's why money is always a popular gift. To pack this funny, this funny donation box is ideal. On request, you can still engrave the box individually.

Here you can order the donation box for the 18th birthday >>

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