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DIY gifts

DIY Christmas Gifts (they're actually cool, trust me) for Friends, Family, Teachers | JENerationDIY (March 2019).


Do it yourself is one of the absolute top trends of recent years. Clothing, decoration, furniture - everything is self-made, processed or completely redesigned. And homemade gifts are welcome on all occasions. Whether it's for Christmas, birthday or weddings - personalized gifts made with love will please everyone.

DIY gifts

Creative gifts to make yourself

You want to surprise your sweetheart with self-sewn gifts? With our DIY gift ideas, you always have a personal gift ready.

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DIY gifts

Sew and knit gifts yourself

Are you still looking for a nice Christmas present? Just do it yourself this year.


DIY gifts

Gift ideas for self-sewing

Whether for Christmas, birthday or other occasions - individual gifts always have a very personal touch.


Delicious DIY gifts
Even baked biscuits for Christmas are always gladly given away. But also special oils with various herbs and spices, freshly prepared pesto or jam from the fruits of the season are easy to prepare and are great as a gift. Stuffed in beautiful mason jars or bottles, you can keep them at home for some time and you always have a very personal and individual gift at hand. These great ideas are great gifts for women as well as men. You can also make a baking mix as a gift yourself. The ingredients for cakes, bread and buns are stacked individually in a bottle or glass and given a prescription for a great, personalized gift for any occasion.

Even sewn deco and accessories
If you can sew or knit or crochet, surprise your loved ones with your own designs. Accessories such as cosmetic bags, socks, purses, thermal bottle covers or stylish bags for the tablet or smartphone delight children and adults alike. Or how about a new throw-in pillow as a present for your best friend? Everyone is happy about a unique item in their own home. You can easily design personalized gifts yourself with a dedication or a name. This year, above all, self-made Advent calendars or a specially composed Advent wreath are modern. In our Christmas special you will find many more gift ideas and many DIY gifts a detailed instructions for crafting.

Vouchers and money nicely packaged

Not infrequently birthday children or bridal couples wish money from their guests. But here too you can get creative and present the bills and coins in an original way. You can hand over your money in a self-made envelope made of cardboard or even cloth. Or decorate your container with the homemade delicacies with folded bills. And of course there are many more creative craft ideas.

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