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Easter Gifts



At Easter, children and adults will enjoy a surprise in the Easter basket. And it does not always have to hide chocolate and other sweets. Small gifts that show that you have thought of the others do not have to be expensive at all, but can simply be made by yourself.

gift ideas

Easter Gifts

Surprise your family with these great gifts in their Easter eggs.

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Creative gifts to make yourself

Easter treats and more just do it yourself. Here are 16 great DIY ideas.

Easter Gifts

Gift ideas under 5 €

These gift ideas all cost less than € 5 and fit into every Easter basket.

Original gifts for Easter
For Easter small gifts and attentions are popular, which conjure a smile on the face or the recipient. For example, decoration for the garden or utensils for cooking and baking can always be well given away. This is guaranteed to be the next holiday menu. Customizable gifts such as an engraved glass or a slate with the family name are also always well received and are suitable for almost any occasion as a gift. You can find more great gift ideas and funny gadgets in our Easter picture gallery.

Easter bunny, lamb and chicks
An Easter present in animal form is very gladly given away at Easter. Soft cuddly lambs for the children, salt and pepper shakers in the form of rabbits as a gift idea for the mother and funny egg-warmers delight fathers and grandfathers. And of course, all these items can still be used after Easter.

Easter eggs galore

What should not be missing at Easter? The Easter eggs, of course! These can migrate to Easter basket in a variety of forms. The most popular are probably the chocolate eggs, but also Easter eggs made of marzipan are often hidden in the Easter baskets. A slightly different variant is the herbalism. Pick up some egg shells that are still intact. Fill the skins with a bit of potting soil and some seeds for fresh herbs. The eggs serve as original herb plant pots. After a few months you should then transplant the herbs into a larger pot. This gift idea is also very well as a gift for the hosts at Easter.

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