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Christening gifts



For many families, baptism is a special event in which the baptized person is welcomed with a christening gift in the company's circle. Whether you want to give something traditional or are looking for a very original gift idea, the most important thing is that the gifts the parents and especially the baptized like.

Gift ideas for baptism

Personalized gifts

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DIY Gift Ideas

Personal christening gifts with symbolic character
As with gifts for childbirth, gifts with a personal touch are also very popular at baptism. A true classic are pieces of jewelry such as a fine baptismal necklace with a small heart or cross pendant. These can also be personalized by decorating them with an engraving or the child's name. Also very traditional as a gift, are christening candles. A beautifully designed candle is a keepsake for the whole life and can be lit again and again for later important events.

Original christening gifts for girls and boys
A very special gift for baptism is, for example, a shooting star with certificate of authenticity or a plot on the moon. These gifts are guaranteed highlights at baptism. Homemade and unique are always homemade gifts. If you enjoy sewing, knitting or crafting, our DIY galleries offer a lot of creative gift ideas to make your own. The result is real unique pieces, which were made exclusively for the baptism. With the name or a dedication, make the personalized gift to something very special.

Gifts for older children

Not every baby is baptized shortly after birth. Nowadays it is quite common to wait a few months or even years with baptism. If the child is already older at the time of baptism, the gift can be chosen more according to the interests. The godparents of the child classically give money or a money box or other austerity measures such as savings accounts or the like. For example, these gifts can also be designed so that the recipient gets paid the money as a gift to the age of majority and then can use for the driver's license or another heart's desire.

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