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When does the mushroom season begin? In which month can I find my favorite mushrooms? And where exactly should I search? Here you can find out at what time of the year you can best pick mushrooms, which tree to look for and which areas in Germany are the most beautiful.

When are some mushroom types available?

In general, it can be said that there are mushrooms in all months. However, the peak season in which most mushrooms grow is from summer to fall. Especially in autumn, after rainfall, the mushrooms sprout in the woods.

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Where do mushrooms grow?

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Mushrooms generally grow where there are trees. In parks, gardens, but mostly in forests, the reason for this is the symbiotic partnership. Some mushrooms specialize in certain tree species, so there are mushroom species that are bound to eg coniferous trees and only occur here. Then there are again mushrooms on both conifers and deciduous trees. But mushrooms do not thrive under every tree.

Basically you can collect mushrooms in every forest. We show you the most beautiful areas for mushroom picking all over Germany.

Around Hamburg

  • Stuck forest
  • Haakewald
  • Niendorf enclosure
  • Rantzauer forest
  • Emmewald
  • Bergdorfer Geholz
  • Busch Ewald

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Around Berlin

  • Grunewald
  • Müggelberge
  • icehouse
  • Spandau forest
  • Tegel Forest
  • Eberswalde
  • Around the Falkensee


  • Thuringian Forest
  • Thuringian Slate Mountains / Upper Saale
  • südharz

Schleswig Holstein

  • Hüttener mountains

Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt

  • Dübener Heide
  • Erzgebrigre / Vogtland
  • Nature Park Hoher Flaeming


  • Soonwald-Nahe
  • Rhein-Westerland
  • Palatinate Forest


  • Schorfheide
  • Nature reserve Grumsiner Forst


  • Niederwald near Benssheim


  • Steigerwald
  • Hirschwald
  • Franconian forest
  • Fichtelgebirge
  • Erzgebirge
  • Upper Palatinate Forest
  • Alpine foothills between Wolfratshausen and Tölz
  • In the woods around Wessobrunn
  • Munrau
  • Hohenpeißenberg


  • black forest
  • Swabian-Franconian Forest

North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Teutobrug Forest / Eggengebirge
  • Rothaar

Mecklenburg Western Pomerania

  • Nossentiner / Schwinger Heath


  • Habichtswald
  • Meißner-Kaufunger forest
  • Lahn-Dill-Bergland
  • Gladenbacher mountain country

Lower Saxony

  • Weserbergland
  • Lüneburg Heath
  • resin

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