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Beautiful gift ideas for employees

Gifts Ideas for Coworkers Under $20 (May 2019).


Give the colleague a little pleasure and give a little birthday or Christmas present? We show you funny gifts for your employees and colleagues.

Gift ideas for employees: countdown calendar

Give away a very special "countdown calendar" that offers more than just a daily overview of all upcoming appointments. The wall calendar offers with 365 individual notes to tear off enough space for notes. In addition, each piece of paper has a number that indicates how many days a year are left. A nice idea for anyone who has the motto "Carpe diem" and can hardly wait for the coming year.

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For example, you can get the countdown calendar here >>

Gift ideas for employees: funny kneading balls

Often there is stress in the office. The funny kneading balls in different sizes are a great solution for stress reduction. No matter when and where. By kneading, your colleague can react quickly and vent his anger in a dignified manner. So he quickly regains balance and calm to go to a new task. This gift is perfect for those who need something to crush and great for in between or a stressful occasion.

The funny kneading balls are for example here >>

Gift ideas for employees: pension cushion

The nice thick pension cushion is perfect for a colleague who is retiring. The funny gift in red you can give away for any occasion and is certainly with any recipient who is not lacking in humor, great.

The pension cushion is for example here >>

Gift ideas for employees: Lobkärtchen

Often come in hectic everyday work a few words of praise from the boss or his colleagues too short. The praise cards are a great gift idea for a few friendly words in between, which will definitely motivate your employees or colleagues. The handy size of the cards, for example, allows easy placement on the computer screen, where they are an absolute eye-catcher. In addition to the signature field on the front, the cards also provide the opportunity for a personal inscription on the reverse side. Thus, the card becomes an individual praise.

For example, you can find the Office Lobkärtchen here >>

Gift ideas for employees: paper clip XL

For large projects, the XL paper clip in A4 size is just the right gift idea and an absolute eye-catcher. Holding together important papers with the giant clip is also much more fun than stacked notes or the like.

The giant clip can be found here Biespiel >>

Gift ideas for employees: Color changing umbrella

The umbrella is printed black with a white city panorma. When dry, the city panorma remains white and when wet it changes color in beautiful rainbow colors. The handy umbrella is easy to hide in any pocket and can be easily taken anywhere. So he is on the spot even with spontaneous weather change. This color changing umbrella will brighten the mood, even in bad weather, and let you get dry to work.

For example, you can get the umbrella here >>

Gift Ideas for Employees: Heirloom in Gift Box

In order to be able to eat the first tasty strawberries in summer, you have to sow in the previous autumn. You do not necessarily need a large bed, because in this tin grow small fruits. The strawberry in the gift box can also be grown in the office. A fruity gift idea for the colleague.

The earthen in the can, for example, give it here >>

Gift Ideas for Coworkers: Funny Mousepads

A pad for the computer mouse is always a useful gift because it is needed again and again. At the same time, the funny mousepads are a notepad on which you can capture thoughts and ideas. So they are not only useful, but with their loose sayings also an absolute eye-catcher. The pads make working in front of the monitor a bit happier and more enjoyable at work. The ultimate gift for your colleague.

The funny mousepads you can find here >>

Gift ideas for employees: letter opener

The high-quality letter opener is a timeless classic highlight for the office with its noble curved shape and the noble silver plating. The letter opener can be provided on request with an individual engraving of up to 20 characters. The letter opener is always an appropriate and practical gift, with which you can not be wrong.

The elegant letter opener can be found here >>

Gift ideas for employees: funny cup with weekly schedule

This gift idea is not just a normal cup for coffee or tea in the morning, but also a pretty handy weekly schedule, where you always have daily tasks in mind. Various notes can be noted on the mug with a pencil, which promises regular reuse. The funny mug is a fun gift for any colleague and will not let appointments or assignments fall into oblivion.

The funny weekly plan cup you get for example here >>

Gift ideas for employees: funny USB stick as lipstick

A USB stick that disguises itself as a cosmetic accessory is a funny gift idea for female colleagues. The chic stick fits in any purse and has enough storage space for presentations or the like. The "USB-Lipstick" will guarantee a good mood in the office.

For example, you can get the USB stick here >>

Gift ideas for employees: sticky note and pen holders

On the fishing rod of the blue Eskimo male, a magnetic pencil seems to hang in the air. Another useful detail is the notes that can be taken from the matching "ice hole" underneath. Thus, paper and pencil are always ready. The cute notepad and pen holder is a great gift for a dear colleague who likes to be a bit chaotic or anyone else who wants to beautify their workplace.

For example, the Eskimo sticky note and pen holder can be found here >>

Gift ideas for employees: snack app

File folders are not particularly pretty to look at, but nevertheless they are earmarked at the workplace indispensable. With the practical "snack app" your folder becomes the absolute highlight in the office. The snack app serves as a pretty holder, can be stored in the delicious sweets. A nice gift idea for your colleagues to provide dreary office space with little highlights.

For example, the file folder Snack-App can be found here >>

The "Skyline Table Organizer" offers a holder for mobile phone, pens and stows other utensils very well. The organizer is simply black but still a real eye-catcher on every desk. A nice gift for a new job, job change or promotion. Ideal for anyone who values ​​order on your desk.

For example, you can find the table organizer here >>

Gift ideas for employees: Folder pillows

The Folder Pillow is the perfect gift for anyone who would like to make a little Nikerchen at work. The office sleeping bag can be properly filed in an A4 file folder. In addition, the pillow has a cheerful color and a funny saying. So just make room in a file and follow the trend of power napping. A great gift for the colleague, who likes to have a little rest and relaxation in between in the office.

For example, you can get the folder pad here >>

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