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Give beautiful gift ideas under 5 euros

100 Christmas Gifts UNDER $5 - CHEAP & EASY! (March 2019).


Often you just look for a small present for a friend, for an elves or just for in between, to give a person a pleasure. Such gifts should not be too expensive. But finding a cheap gift is not always that easy. We were looking and have some gift ideas for you.

Gift ideas under 5 Euro: slate mug

This coffee mug is anything but boring. With the help of a small piece of chalk, which is included in the delivery of the gift can be on the practical slate cup everything in no time hold. All news, images and other expressions of creative design on the interactive mug can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or under running water. So the coffee mug is used every day again. An ideal gift for in between.

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For example, you get the slate cup here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: emergency chocolate

Whether stress, hectic or lovesickness: The emergency chocolate is a fun gift idea for those who are in delicate situations. With your little, stylish emergency case and the playful instructions, you'll be guaranteed a little smile on every sad face.

The emergency chocolate can be found here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: fridge magnets

The funny fridge magnets are not just an absolute eye-catcher, but also sweeten your day with different life wisdom. Naughty, funny and sometimes speaking from the depths of your heart, the magnets offer a funny alternation between Einklaufslisten, pictures and postcards. A unique gift for every fridge.

For example, you can get the fridge magnets here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: beer cooler

Cold beer tastes best. This is no problem with the beer cooler. The flexible cover is first placed in the freezer and then simply pulled over the bottle for cooling. Whether 0.3 or 0.5 l, after about 5 minutes the beer is cold and refreshing. Of course, this principle is also applicable to other bottles of this size. With this gift cold beer is now also spontaneously. The active beer cooler saves the beer pleasure especially on warm days. An ingenious gift idea for every beer lover.

The beer cooler coating you get here for Biepsiel >>

Gift ideas under 5 Euro: funny passports

The ultimate passes are a fun way to specifically congratulate men, women, grandma or grandfather. The "badges" have a cover made of imitation leather with gold embossing and are internally colored throughout with sayings, jokes and caricatures. Of course, there is also room for your own congratulations. The fun certainly offers a lot more than a normal greeting card could. A nice gift idea for everyone.

The funny passes can be found here for example >>

Gift ideas under 5 Euro: Table Bell "Sex"

The very thought that the beloved or beloved after the bells ringing everything and leave and immediately jumps, is of course a very funny idea. The hope for it and the glitter in the eyes of the recipient when unpacking makes the "sex bell" a rather unusual gift idea for men and women.

For example, you can get the table bell here >>

Gift ideas under 5 Euro: packing list

The notepad "I'm packing my suitcase" is the fear to forget something passé. The travel checklist lists four categories: "Basics, " "Clothing", "Hygiene" and "Other." Here you can then behind the specific travel items quite simply a check mark some and know exactly what is still missing. An original gift idea that really helps.

For example, you can get the packing list here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: hourglass

Saving water is made easy with the 5 minutes sand shower clock. The hourglass can easily be attached to smooth surfaces with a suction cup and always repositioned. Since the clock runs without batteries, it can also be mounted in the wet shower cubicle. besides, it always stays reliable. This gift definitely pays off in the long run and is also a practical gift idea for anyone in a hurry in the morning.

For example, you can get the shower clock here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: rose petals

Whether it's a table, bed, bath or floor, the red rose leaves instantly create a romantic mood and atmosphere in every room. The 100 rose petals are made of polyester and are packed in a chic red-white deco box in heart shape. For anyone with a romantic vibe and a fondness for fancy decorations, the Heart of Roses is the perfect gift for just the right setting for memorable evenings and great moments for two!

For example, you can get the little rose petals here >>

Gift ideas under 5 Euro: I love you toast stamp

With the toast stamp "I love you" you can conjure up something romantic at every breakfast table and make the white bread a matter of the heart. Simply put the stamp in the still soft white bread, off in the toaster, ready to bite sweet declaration of love is done! Whether for the extensive breakfast for two or as a surprise in the daily routine: So the most important meal of the day is also the most beautiful! The toast stamp with the affectionate message is a beautiful gift idea that will please all romantics very much.

For example, you can get the sweet toast stamp "I love you" here >>

Gift ideas under 5 Euros: Musical love proof

Give your sweetheart or your loved one something special. How about, for example, a self-made CD, replete with the most beautiful songs that make one think of the other, that evoke memories or are simply unsurpassed good. Simply take the CD out of the case, slide it into the computer or laptop, play with the selected music and you're done with the very individual and meaningful gift. A great and personal gift idea for every music lover.

The sweet CD as a proof of love can be found here >>

Gift ideas under 5 Euro: Game Serves

Give away more than just a napkin. Whether for the meal with friends, the family celebration or as a funny attention in between, the game version, with which you can then wipe the tomato sauce from the corner of your mouth, is a really ingenious combination of two ideas. The packaging with 20 napkins also includes paper figures and dies for punching.

For example, you can enjoy the playful dishes here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: fragrance pendant

The fragrance pendant by Tussi on Tour is available as a pink dress or as a fashionable pump in pink. Above all, it convinces by its delicious fruity fresh scent of cherry. An original gift for all chicks on tour!

The Tussi on Tour fragrance pendant can be found here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: Photo Shake Ball

In the classic shaking ball two photos can be accommodated and presented in a fancy way. The photos are simply plugged into the holder provided and already the chosen favorite pictures in the midst of small, red hearts, which stir around while shaking within the shaking ball, are admired. With its cute and nostalgic design, the Schüttelkugel picture frame is a great gift idea to make a very personal memorabilia and unique decoration accessory for special people. No matter if for the partner, the parents, grandparents or good friends - no one guarantees a picture frame like this.

The cute shaking ball, for example, is here >>

Gift ideas under 5 euros: funny dishcloths

The funny dishcloths are printed with dashing slogans and matching cartoons that make washing dishes safe and fun. The absorbent material made of cotton and cellulose is very durable and even sustainable, because it is made only from renewable raw materials. The present comes in handy for a birthday or any other solemn occasion and is also a cute gift with a wink for those who like to take the dishper more often.

Here you can get, for example, the witty dishcloth >>

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