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2018 Holiday Gift Guide - 25 Must Have Gift Ideas For Men (March 2019).


To give one's sweetheart is not always easy. Either he already has everything or you have run out of ideas over the years. Whether you're looking for Christmas gifts or a birthday gift idea, here are some gifts for men!

Gifts for men: Driving experience with the sports car

Driving experience with the sports car

The biggest dream of your loved one is a Lamborghini? You probably will not be able to finance that wish straight out of the petty cash. But there is a good (and affordable) alternative: Give your boyfriend or man a ride on a sports car of his choice. Then he does not have his dream car at the door, but at least he knows what it feels like to drive the car.

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For example, there are driving experiences to give away here >>

Gifts for Men: Bodyflying


Your husband likes action? Then join him for bodyfliying! In the wind tunnel you experience the feeling of free fall - without the risks of a parachute jump. And if that's too much action for you, just send your husband into the wind tunnel with your best friend - and watch the guys have fun!

Vouchers for bodyflying in your area can be found here >>

Gifts for men: cutting board with engraving

Cutting board with engraving

Not only whiskey glasses or grill sets can be personalized with a personal engraving - if your husband or boyfriend likes to live out his cooking skills, then a wooden cutting board with a personal engraving is just the thing for him. This way, anyone who enters the kitchen immediately realizes who is swinging the kitchen knife.

The cutting board with personal engraving is available here for example >>

Gifts for Men: Laser Rangefinder

Measure distances by laser beam

Good news for hobby home improvement: The annoying fiddling with tape measure and folding rule, for example when building new furniture or in the remodeling of the apartment, belongs to the past. The solution is offered by the PLR ​​15 laser rangefinder from Bosch. In no time at all distances are measured. So the little device is a perfect gift idea for Christmas, which is not only useful, but also a lot of fun.

Further information about the laser rangefinder can be found here >>

Gifts for men: Barbecue case with engraving

Grill case with engraving

At the grill your husband is the boss - there should not be missing the right barbecue cutlery! A chic barbecue case with all the utensils that the grill master needs, comes in every season well. At least for the barbecue season, he is then certainly constantly in use. And with a personal engraving in the barbecue tongs, everyone knows who the grill master is in your household.

Grill case with grill cutlery and personal engraving is available here >>

Gifts for men: Tablet holder for cooking

Tablet holder for cooking

The man of today does not use a nasty cookbook anymore - the tablet serves as a fast and digital alternative for the recipe search. Dumb only if pan fat and water splashes get on the good piece. A tablet holder can provide a remedy and is a great accessory for every chef.

The practical holder for the iPad can be found here >>

Gifts for Men: Whiskey glass with engraving

Whiskey glass with engraving

For gourmets: Whiskey carafe and engraved glass

No beer, no wine - your friend prefers to drink whiskey? Then the only thing missing for good drops is the right glass. A whiskey glass with Garvur is a great Christmas present. When the goose is eaten and the gifts unpacked, your friend can crumble into a quiet corner with his personal whiskey glass. And thanks to the engraving, everyone knows immediately who owns this glass!

For example, whiskey glasses with engraving are available here >>

Gifts for Men: Solar Charger for Smartphone

Solar charger for the smartphone

You need to reach your friend urgently, but his battery is empty again? Who knows this problem, for which the solar charging device is a good gift idea. Because a little bit of daylight your friend will probably always have in his vicinity and can charge his smartphone or tablet so even without power - and is always available for you.

The solar charger can be found here >>

Gifts for men: 100 places to see you

1000 places to see you before the

In every man is a little adventurer - even if your spouse otherwise belongs to the faction "couch potato". But even from the couch, it is wonderful to wander into the distance: this classic of travel literature will make your husband's eyes light up.

You can order 1000 places to see before you for example here >>

Gifts for Men: Crime Game

Crime game

Sunday is reserved for you for the crime scene? Then your friend will love this game! With the knowledge quiz around the cult show every crime scene fan can prove that he is the true expert in Sunday crime.

For example, you can order the game here >>

Gifts for men: Wheat beer glass with engraving

The perfect gift for beer lovers: beer glasses with personal engraving >>

Wheat beer glass with engraving

Individual and personal instead of boring uniformity: A wheat beer glass with engraving makes the hearts of male beer fans beat faster. Engrave your husband's name and maybe add a saying or a nice motive - birthdays, Christmas and other occasions will surely be remembered by your husband!
Your husband prefers to drink whiskey? How about whiskey glasses and a matching carafe? >>

Gifts for Men: Cigar Set

Cigar Set

Always a good idea: give cigars away! The high-quality set with leather case and tailor, the passionate smoker is well equipped to enjoy his cigar.

You can order a noble cigar set here, for example >>

Gifts for Men: Bluetooth wool glove

Bluetooth wool handschuch

Sure, the smartphone must always be there. But what if the temperatures are below freezing and you still want to talk on the go without freezing your hands? A woolen glove with a Bluetooth connection turns your hand into a warm headset - without cold fingers!

The wool glove with Bluetooth, for example, here >>

Gifts for men: Zippo lighter

Personalized Zippo lighter

When everyday life is trudging away, give your husband a little secret agent feeling with this gift. 00Johannes or 00Ben may go a little livelier thanks to your gift through the day.

You can order the personalized lighter here, for example >>

Gifts for Men: Whiskey Collection

For gourmets: Whiskey carafe and engraved glass

Whiskey Collection

Every connoisseur appreciates a good drop of whiskey. But why donate only one bottle, if you can give away the whole flavor of the noble drop in a box? So your husband can taste the different varieties - maybe even with his personal whiskey glass.

For example, you can get the Whisykey collection in the wooden box here >>

Gifts for men: Instruments of pleasure

Instruments of pleasure

Not only your husband has something of this gift: For enjoyable hours for two, the set offers everything your heart desires. Satin ribbon, feather, blindfold and massage gel increase the fun factor in every respect. Let it crackle!

For example, you can order Instruments of Pleasure here >>

Gifts for Men: Beer Quiz

Beer Quiz

Only Monopoly or Trvial Pursuit is boring. The beer quiz will make your boyfriend happy, especially when he likes to share his knowledge about the brewing drink.

For example, you can order the beer quiz here >>

Christmas is around the corner. Then perhaps this beer advent calendar is the right thing. 24 international beers are waiting for the recipient!

Gifts for men: Card case for smartphones

Card case for smartphones

Since your husband always has his smartphone with him, he can easily combine the practical with the enjoyment of this present. Fixed to the smartphone, the case keeps the most important cards for him.

The card case for smartphones, for example, here >>

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