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Beautiful gift ideas for the kitchen

Gifts In A Jar and My Gift To You~ Noreen's Kitchen (March 2019).


Special gifts for the kitchen gods among us. Here you will find many nice and practical gift ideas for the kitchen.

Gift ideas for the kitchen: storage system

Where to go just with the amount of sugar decor for all the cupcakes, cake pops and other sweet baked goods? The tree set by PopSome with 6 small storage and pouring cans is just the right storage system. In the small cans, you can keep your sugar hearts and Co. excellent thanks to the hermetically sealed lid and everything stays fresh and edible for longer. The noble set is a real eye-catcher in every confectioner's kitchen and inspires as a present for the birthday as well as for the move in or for Christmas.

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The noble storage set can be found here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: ice cream maker

An own ice machine for the home, that is what many wish for in the summer. Why not! With this ice cream maker, you can make your favorite ice cream very easily. The machine is also ideal for special wishes and needs such as soy ice cream or lactose-free ice cream. Just try it and let your own creations run wild. Whether as a treat for in between or as a great dessert, a lassitude is guaranteed always and a great gift for everyone.

The ice cream machine for delicious home-made ice cream can be found here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Kitchen carousel

The Küchenkarusell consists of a rotatable base, it keeps the cooking tools always at hand and is also an absolute eye-catcher. It houses six different kitchen utensils, all of which are dishwasher safe and withstand heat up to 240 degrees. Cooking is twice as fun. With this gift, you're guaranteed to hit the mark with amateur chefs.

The practical Küchenkarusell you get here, for example >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Juicer

A freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, what could be better or healthier? With the juicer you can make a perfect breakfast with delicious vitamins. The juice flows into the pot by pressing the fruit and can be served immediately. A great gift for all lovers of freshly squeezed juices that love delicious and healthy!

The juicer for delicious breakfast drinks, for example, here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Cutting board with container

The chopping board with base is ideal for all amateur cooks who like to cook. Thanks to the practical plastic container under the bamboo cutting board saves you the way to the bin, since the vegetable waste is disposed of with a hand movement immediately. This saves a lot of time when preparing food. The cutting board is easy to clean and fits left and right handed users. In addition, the board is absolutely wobbly and non-slip due to rubber feet. A great gift for anyone who likes to cook.

For example, you can find the cutting board here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Einkaushilfe

With this shopping aid you do not forget what you have to buy everything. The quasi-endless note, which is attached to a wooden board with pen, offers plenty of space for your purchases, even to leave a greeting to his loved ones. Thanks to the tear-off the shopping list is quickly put in the bag. A nice gift idea for everyone, also ideal as a souvenir or gift for moving in.

You can also find the shopping guide here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Chocolate fountain

The chocolate fountain is a sweet seduction and guarantees a warm welcome to every party. From the chocolate fountain flows warm, liquid chocolate. In addition still fresh fruit cut in pieces and the fun can begin. The chocolate fountain is easy to handle and also easy to clean. A perfect gift that will delight any chocolate lover animal.

You can get the red and white 50s with metal applications chocolate fountain here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Grilbesteck

For a good barbecue with friends, of course, you also need the right barbecue cutlery. The grill set Bamboo is perfect for this. It consists of a barbecue tongs, a grill turner and a grill fork, so you are ideally prepared for barbecues. All three tools are made of stainless steel and a bamboo handle. With grill masters you hit with this gift exactly on the black.

For example, there is the BBQ set Bamboo 3-parts >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: olive oil blender

With the Olive Oil Blender you can quickly and easily create your favorite dressing for the salad yourself. The blender has a tray where you can put all the ingredients you need for the dressing, add vinegar and oil, shake and finish a wonderful meal for a healthy meal. A great gift that suits every occasion.

The olive oil blender is for example here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: plant manager for herbs

Not only do plants look decorative, they can also refine meals. The practical herb and plant ladder with pots and chalk sticks, with which you can label each plant individually, can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Whether herbs or indoor plants: In this plant ladder, every plant feels perfectly well. A perfect gift for every amateur cook, plant lover or lover of beautiful living ideas.

The plant ladder can be found here, for example >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: cookbook holder

The elegenate cookbook holder made of bamboo and stainless steel holds a cookbook, tablet or iPad free of spills. It can easily be hung in all common kitchen cabinets. With a handle you can then hook up the cookbook or iPad (up to 5cm thick) and position it at eye level, so cooking is much more relaxed and you do not have to constantly be careful that drops or crumbs come on the recipe. The cookbook holder is the ideal gift for those who like to cook according to recipes.

Here you will find, for example, the practical cookbook holder >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Etagere for fruit

The Babell L Etagere by Koziol offers enough space for fruit, cookies or other snacks on 3 floors. In timeless white fits this gift idea in every kitchen. The robust plastic is easy to clean, and the three floors can be easily taken apart and stowed away in a space-saving manner in reverse order. A gift idea for every backfan who would like to present his guests every now and then his delicious muffins and cookies.

The Etagere is for example here >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: Serving bows for party skewers

Porcelain serving arches, also known as appetizer arches, are an absolute must-have for any host throwing a party. With the three Servierbögen in different sizes and a tray for used skewers you can put the party skewers appetizing in scene. The party skewers will be an absolute eye-catcher on the buffet. In the porcelain bows fit up to 42 party skewers. An ideal gift for those who like to have guests.

The great serving sheets can be found here for example >>

Gift ideas for the kitchen: meat thermometer

The SteakChamp is a high precision meat thermometer that measures the optimal cooking temperature. The thermometer is simply inserted into the side of the piece of meat and determines the perfect time when the steak can be taken off the grill. It then emits a red glowing signal. Once the light goes out, the steak can be served and enjoyed. An absolute must-have for all meat and grill lovers.

The SteakChamp meat thermometer is available here for example >>

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