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If you want to count not only inner values, you can also give your gift a creative shell with our ideas - whether for Christmas, confirmation, wedding or birthday.

Normally it works like this: If the gift is bought, it is best packed by the cashier pretty, so you have as little effort. But it works differently. If you take a bit of time, you can make someone special with one of our creative packaging ideas.

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Give away money

Money is also welcome on certain occasions as a gift. But there are more ways than simply putting a bill in an envelope.

1. Make a real money tree for the recipient: on the branches of a container plant (for example, a room linden or a small palm tree), you can fasten bills folded from bank notes. The smaller the value of the bills, the more you can attach to the tree. Your money tree will be especially beautiful when you attach the note compartments with a gold or silver colored ribbon and wrap the pot of the plant with shiny paper.

2. Also nice: Put the rolled-up bills and a few coins in a colorful balloon and blow it up (and hold it tight outside!).

3. If the recipient is to make a little effort for your gift, change your bills into coins and place them in a jar. Stir in prepared jelly and let the money disappear in the jar. With a beautiful gift ribbon your mason jar is sure to be the star among the cash gifts!

Pack gifts together

4. Suppose you give your friend a scarf and a book. Why pack each gift individually, if you can combine both into a creative present? Simply wrap the scarf around the book and tie a nice bow from the ends on top - this not only looks good, but also saves packaging waste!

Give away a trip

5. Again, a boring envelope with a voucher for a really exciting trip is often given away. Instead, pack a small suitcase for the beneficiary instead. For this you can take a travel case or a nice box. Fill it with all the utensils needed for the journey. For a city trip this can be a city guide, some change and blister plaster. A trip to the sea can be enriched with a small bottle of sunscreen, an exciting paperback and waterproof make-up.

Not stingy at Christmas for decoration

6. Homemade Christmas decorations such as straw stars or decorated Christmas tree balls are not only beautiful to look at the Christmas tree. Browse through the boxes with the tree decorations and set accents when packing your Christmas gifts. Not only children are happy about edible decoration of the gifts: Packed chocolates or home-baked biscuits are something for the eye - and then for the stomach.

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