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Christmas Last Minute Christmas Gifts

DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts + HUGE Giveaway! | JENerationDIY (June 2019).


What do I give at Christmas: The feast of love is upon us and you lack any inspiration? With us you will find great gift ideas that can be realized at short notice.

You know that too: everything is festive and brightly decorated, it smells like Christmas, contemplative music is everywhere and nothing is in the way of the Christmas holidays. If there were not the problem of sudden creativity blockade - what am I giving? Especially for the closest relatives and friends it should be something very special. So pushes some the purchase of last-minute Christmas presents, until Christmas Eve is just outside the door. But not always the most elaborate gifts are the most beautiful. Often, small attentions spread much more joy, especially if they are homemade and contain a personal message, such as a beautiful photo. We have put together the best ideas for the last-minute Christmas gift for you: be inspired and give your gift an individual touch.

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The classic among the fast gifts is the coupon. Regardless of whether you buy a voucher or make it yourself as a tinkered card: It is important that the voucher gives the recipient much pleasure and is not given out of necessity, that you have not come up with anything better.

So think carefully, what the person to be gifted would really enjoy. Is she often stressed out and could be happy about a little escape from everyday life? Then give her a weekend with massage treatments in a great spa hotel or a winter carriage ride through the forest. Or does the person seem trapped in everyday life? How about a quad tour or a similarly exciting event? If you do not want to spend so much money, you can also become active and give the person a service, such as snow shoveling or car washing. This too can be a great pleasure. Also vouchers for material things, such as clothing or books, are very popular. Once you have ideas for Christmas gifts, write them down on a personalized card or the back of a photo. Your gift is ready!

Audiovisual Gifts - Photos, Music and more

If you have nice photos on your PC, just put them on a USB stick for a few euros and go to the nearest drugstore. There you can print the most beautiful pictures for a collage or a photo calendar. All necessary utensils, such as glue, a craft calendar and stickers, can be found there. At home, you then set to work and create the individual gift. Even sketches, poems and quotes can be used well as a calendar motif. Or write a lovely letter or lyrics on a decorative stationery and hand over the personal message for Christmas. Another idea is home-made CDs: think about which music your loved one likes, create playlists and burn individually compiled music lists to a CD. As a cover, you can use photos, drawings or snippet collages. Also popular are funny Fotocolloagen or glued leaves, twigs or the like. Your imagination is the limit! The whole thing works of course also with videos (for example, from the last holiday together) and photo clips that you submit with music. Happy are also concert tickets - of course, for the favorite band.

Love goes through the stomach - Edible

At least as popular are all types of home-made foods:

Gifts under the Christmas tree

These can be cooked jams and chutneys, fresh pesto, chocolates or home-baked cookies: just buy the ingredients and take an afternoon or evening to savor something delicious in peace and with love. Then wrap the treat in pretty jars or cans and decorate them with signs, ribbons or ribbons. Done is a gift that is guaranteed to arrive well. In the same way, you can create a cookbook or a baking book yourself: select suitable recipes and enter them in beautiful writing in a specially purchased or in-stock book or cut them out of magazines, collect and paste.

Further ideas

Children are at Christmas toys, whether to touch or in the form of an electrical appliance, such as a game console. Everything they see in advertising is recorded directly as a wish. Sometimes it's hard to find the right gift for men. How about a perfume or an action coupon? If you do not want to spend a lot of effort and avoid stress, you can also buy something nice. Especially women are happy about a pen, ring or pendant, which was individually engraved. So you give the item a personal touch and give it in addition an ideal value. Of course, if you're a knit fan, you can also knit, crochet or sew something (depending on talent and time left) - and if it's just egg cup warmer or coasters. Last but not least, you still have the opportunity to pick a bouquet of flowers in public facilities, to give away money or a magazine subscription or even to tie a Christmas wreath. If all of this fails, confess your idea blockage to the person and invite the person to dinner or to the cinema. Since Christmas is the feast of love, the company of your family and friends is more than the best material present anyway. If you order your last minute gift online, watch for fast delivery. The gift should finally arrive on time.

In this sense: A happy and (shopping) stress-free Christmas season!

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