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Christmas gift ideas for men

GIFT IDEAS FOR MEN !!! (2018) (April 2019).


Women are supposed to have higher demands for gifts. Oh yes? And why is it so hard to find the right Christmas present for the Lords of Creation? Click through our gallery of gift ideas and get inspired. Because: socks and ties were yesterday!

A must for adventurers

We think every man should own a good penknife. You never know when you need it. This fancy copy of Heldberg's has six functions. It fits well in the hand, the handle is made of hardwood and the blades made of stainless steel.

Order the pocket knife in the online store of Heldbergs >>

Men's watch made of sandalwood

The high-quality men's watch made of sandalwood is the special accessory with a natural feel and look that can inspire fashion-conscious men with its special look. Attractive, lightweight and reliable Miyota quartz movement - a great gift idea for the best friend, father or your own partner!

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For example, you can order the men's watch made of sandalwood here >>

Lucky HANS Bavarian Dry Gin

The Lucky HANS Gin is made with herbs, fruits and berries that are originally grown in German lands. Among other things, the high-quality gin is distilled with apples, pears and rowanberries. A true gene and the ideal gift for every gin lover.

Here you can order the Lucky HANS Bavarian Dry Gin >>

Beer brewing yourself - complete set with barrel

"Home-made!" If you can serve yourself and your guests with home-brewed beer, you will be proud to point out - especially if it is as successful as this one! The must-have for every ambitious beer drinker makes doubly happy, first while brewing and then while enjoying.

For example, the complete set with barrel is available here >>

Little by little conquering the world

World maps decorate the walls and make you want to travel to distant countries. For true globetrotters, we have found exactly the right map of the world: The countries on the map can easily be scratched with a fingernail or a blunt object. So man keeps track and knows at a glance which countries are still waiting to be traveled.

Simply order the world map via Faibels >>

Oldtimer Keychain

The cult car for your pocket: Oldtimer key rings make the hearts of all those who have always wanted to call a cult VW bus, wonderful Jaguar or great Porsche their own. Perfect for dreaming, remembering and looking forward to it - a great gift idea that you're sure to find right!

The classic car key chain can be ordered online >>

Oenology for connoisseurs

Men are supposed to be like wines: they get more mature and tasteful the older they get. So why not give a wine lover a handbook on wines - no matter how old or young he is! For a simple introduction to the world of wines, the book "Knigge for wine drinkers" from the Hallwag series by GU is suitable. Questions such as "What do I have to pay attention to when buying wine?" Or "How can I optimally enjoy the wine at home?" Are answered simply and quickly.

Order the book directly at GU >>

Whiskey glass with engraving

Whiskey - the drink of gentlemen! Make your loved one happy and give a personalized glass for your favorite drink. A great, individual gift that radiates class and elegance!

You can order the whiskey glass with engraving for example here >>

How to drink whiskey

This guide is different than other whiskey guides. Anyone who reads it does not become a connoisseur of whiskey, but simply learns how to drink whiskey at its best! Whether whiskey beginner or longtime whiskey lover - the recipient will always be pleased.

Simply order the book online at GU >>

Gift set "Beer World Tour"

Once around the world drink! Beers from 3 different continents are in the wonderful gift set "Beer World Tour", with which you are right with all lovers of the hop spritzer. The set contains 9 bottles, including exotic beers from Sardinia and Korea. So the recipient can sit back and dream with the well-traveled beer bottle in hand to distant lands.

For example, you can order the gift set "Beer World Tour" here >>

For real gourmets only the best

Indulge your husband with some delicious delicacies. In the delicacies set "Toskanischer Feierabend" from the FEINSCHMECKER gourmet shop, you will find spicy salami, hearty crostini cream, tempting grappa pralines, chopped hazelnuts and a fine drop of Chianti Classico.

Order the set directly in the FEINSCHMECKER gourmet shop >>

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