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Cricut Gift Tags: How to Write & Cut Them (+ Free Templates & a Penwriting Font!) (June 2019).


Each of us knows the problem: mountains of gifts pile up on Christmas Eve under the Christmas tree and no one really knows which gift is for whom. But the solution is simple - Gift tags with names must come! Instead of a special doodle directly on the wrapping paper, you can easily make beautiful pendants yourself.

Angel wings gift tags

These gift tags make a pretty good thing because they look very romantic and artful - and they're made really fast. Just cut a wing out of solid white paper or thin white cardboard and stick it on one side with white feathers on the edge. Here you must make sure that you do not use too much glue, otherwise the feathers stick together ugly. Once the angel wings are completely dry, you can write the name of the gifted person on the non-pasted page. Finally, thread only a thin thread through the upper part of the wings, so that a loop is created - done!

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Star pendant for clamping

This pendant is ready to go, all you need are some clothespins made of wood, some cardboard, wrapping paper, glue, scissors and a felt-tip pen to shape. Now cut out of the cardboard any shape, such as a star, a Christmas tree or a moon. Then stick the piece of cardboard with some wrapping paper. As soon as your pasted pieces of cardboard are dry, you can name them and stick them on the clothespins. The finished gift tags should dry out thoroughly before being pinned to the gift.

Snowman pendant

You will not be able to make your pendants much easier and cheaper: Just stick three bottle caps together on a gift ribbon. This creates a little snowman. In the middle cork, paint three buttons with a black pencil, two eyes in the upper cork, one mouth and a carrot nose with an orange color. From a narrow, colorful gift ribbon, knot the snowman with a scarf. Simply write the name of the recipient on the scarf or on the bottommost bottle cap.

Gifts Greeting from Rudolph

We love Rudolph, the reindeer with his red nose. Of course, it is also ideal as a cute gift tag. Simply cut labels out of thin cardboard. Lay the labels vertically in front of you and stick a peanut with peel vertically on each label. Once the glue has dried completely, you can paint an antler on the cardboard above the nut with a black felt-tip pen. In addition, the nut itself is painted with two eyes. With a red marker you should now paint a small red nose on the nut, which is as far down on the nut as possible. On the back of the trailer can still be placed a name, above the small reindeer you can punch a hole in the cardboard, so you can pull through a gift ribbon or a drawstring.

Fragrant gift tag made of Nekeln

How to create a Christmas gift tag that also smells good: Cut a label out of corrugated cardboard in the size of your choice. Now wrap wool or yarn around the label at one point until a small area is completely woven. Then decorate the wool area with a clove. The label should then dry thoroughly!

Whether as a jam label or as a gift label - here you will find cute labels for printing >>>

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