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Sweet dreams guaranteed The right bed linen in the summer

Dreams 40 Night Comfort Guarantee (April 2019).


So that you can sleep well even in the hot summer nights, it is important that the bedding is particularly cool and airy. But which material is recommended in the summer? We'll tell you!

With bed linen it is like summer and winter clothes: we exchange them depending on the season. While it's supposed to be cuddly warm in winter when it's below freezing temperatures, in the summer it needs to be as airy and cool as possible, so that we can sleep well even at higher temperatures and not sweat under a thick blanket. That is why the materials of the bed linen in the summer play a major role. But not only the fabric, but also the subjective impressions, such as individual temperature sensation and the respective feeling for the upper material of the bedding, because what feels somebody on the skin as really pleasant, increases the sleeping comfort.

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Basically, when choosing the right summer bedding always natural materials with a smooth surface, so cotton, silk, satin or linen are preferred because they are perceived as pleasantly cool and fresh. On the other hand, bedding with many plastics can only be difficult, if not impossible, to dissipate the accumulated heat. That's why we put on bed linen from these five fabrics in hot summer nights:

Bed linen with seersucker

Comfortable on the skin, inexpensive, made from natural raw materials and iron-free - that's the Seersucker bed linen. The material consists of a special fabric structure consisting of alternating smooth and gathered fabrics. This allows the air to circulate, meaning that the warm air can be quickly exchanged for fresh, cool air. A restful sleep is guaranteed!

Linen made of linen

Linen is considered to be skin-friendly and tear-resistant, and the linen fibers can absorb moisture quickly, which is why linen brings all the important characteristics of a summer bed linen. Since the material is also boil-proof, bacteria are killed during the washing process - an absolutely pure thing!

Percale linen

Perkal is a high quality cotton fabric made from Egyptian cotton. Percale is especially soft and smooth. In addition, the material is very breathable and feels cool on the skin. What more could you wish for a summer bed linen.

silk sheets

If it was silk, then it was pure silk. The material not only looks luxurious, it is also very pleasant in the summer and light on the skin. In addition, pure silk is breathable and absorbent. It is the ideal bedding throughout the year because it warms in the winter and cools in the summer.

Jersey Sheets

Jersey bedding is characterized by a high absorbency and climate control. Therefore, jersey is ideal for close-fitting textiles. Because the fabric is mostly knitted and not woven, the material is light and elastic. A pleasant feeling on the skin is guaranteed.

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