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Relaxed on vacation to-do list for the camping holiday

16 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know! (June 2019).


With our checklist for free download you can keep an eye on all the preparations and can start relaxed in your camping holiday.

The journey is booked, the anticipation is huge. Depending on the destination and type of trip, there are some preparations to make for the perfect holiday. Everything ends up in our suitcase with our to-do-list, which absolutely has to go with it. You want to play it safe? Download the perfect holiday checklist here >>

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Vehicle check

Especially if you have not been traveling with the caravan or motorhome for a long time, you should thoroughly check everything before traveling. The ZUgfahrzeug should of course be tested.


It's best to check the weather forecast for your destination in advance and pack appropriate clothing. Also think about which excursions and activities are planned. Do you need evening wear or sportswear?

For on the beach

Swimsuit, bikini and beach towel may not be missing. Also sunglasses and flip flops come in the suitcase. If you want, pack a paperback, beach games or an air mattress. It's best to bring a large bag with you to pack everything in at the resort. Do not forget: sunscreen.

Technical equipment

Pack the camera for beautiful holiday pictures. To ensure that your cell phone and camera are working properly, think of the charging cable and pack spare batteries on the way. Depending on your destination, you may need a power outlet adapter.

travel pharmacy

Your first-aid kit should be stocked with the basics for every little emergency. These include: plasters, painkillers, drops of the stomach, salve against sunburn, pills in motion sickness and mosquito repellent. Check your vaccination certificate and have any vaccinations refreshed if necessary. When traveling to exotic countries, you should take care of special vaccinations in good time.

Do not forget important documents

They broke a passport or, depending on their destination, a passport. Check the validity. You should apply for a passport for children in good time. Travel by car or you want to take a rental car at the resort, do not forget their driver's license. For emergencies, you should also have your health insurance card (for example a European Health Insurance Card) with you. And above all: no holidays without your travel documents. Do not forget flight tickets and hotel reservation. For security, you can also copy all documents and take the copies separately from the documents.

Relaxed journey

If you are traveling by motorhome or caravan, you should always plan the itinerary first and make a note of the addresses for the navigation system. Absolutely travel provisions and enough water to take!

What should not I miss?

For a varied holiday program, you already consider at home, which destinations and attractions you want to visit. Interesting information can be found in a travel guide, for example. Some attractions and excursions can be booked in advance on the Internet.

Everything ok at home?

Ask relatives, friends or neighbors if you care about the post office, the flowers or your pets. Before you drive, turn off the light and all electrical appliances. Unplug the plugs from the electrical outlets, especially on kitchen appliances. Regulate your heating down. Valuables and car keys should not be left out. Do not forget to close the front door.

A last check

Before the journey begins, check again the key points: Have you pocketed money and debit card? Do not forget the phone? Travel documents and documents such as driving license and the papers of the caravan / mobile home at hand? The house key taken?

Then nothing can go wrong. Good Trip!

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