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Wedding Dreamlike honeymoon

Italy Trip With The Girls Leads To Dreamlike Marriage Proposal (April 2019).


After the wedding, the couple can look forward to a common trip - the honeymoon. They symbolize the start into a common life and should be completely devoted to romance. We have some tips on how to make your honeymoon beautiful and cheap at the same time.

The origin

The term honeymoon comes from the Middle High German word "vlittern", which means something like "caress". In earlier times, the couple could come closer during a trip directly after the wedding for the first time and get to know each other better. From this introductory phase a tradition emerged for newlyweds to celebrate the start of their marriage.

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The holidays

This time is spent as a classic for two. The togetherness should be exhausted on the honeymoon: Candlelight dinners on the beach at sunset, cuddly hours in front of the fireplace, romantic walks and lots of sex may dominate this holiday. In addition, the newlyweds should recover from the strains of wedding planning.

Should it come to quarrels, do not worry. If you suddenly have a lot of free time after the stress of the wedding and spend it around the clock, a few disagreements are normal.

The goals

The classic destination of a honeymoon are, for example, the Maldives, Seychelles or Fitschi Islands. The dream of turquoise-blue sea and fine, white sandy beach can come true here. In exclusive, very quiet luxury resorts the guests every wish is read from the eyes. However, these travel destinations are also extremely expensive. Many travelers are therefore opting for alternative offers, such as Thailand, Morocco or India. But short trips are also becoming increasingly popular, for example to Paris, Venice, Vienna or Barcelona. So decide on your love trip after the wedding simply for the goal that you personally like the most, or with the beautiful memories of your relationship.

The planning

As always, the honeymoon planning as early as possible is an advantage. The sooner you take care of a flight and a hotel, the greater the chance that your favorite travel period will be available. The prices rise, the closer you get to the desired date. Plus, consider the honeymoon from the start in your wedding budget planning. Because often these are a big job and are not counted at the beginning. Book your dream honeymoon no later than six months before departure.

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