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Contraceptive pill - risk or not?

Women's Health : Health Risks of Birth Control Pills (June 2019).


Hormones to swallow are the safest protection against pregnancy. But there are also reasons to think about contraceptive alternatives.

For eight years, I take the pill, now already the fifth variety, "writes" Susa39 "in an Internet forum. "Ten kilos increased, no more fun in sex, listlessness. I do not feel like it anymore! "Pill-weary patients like Susa experience gynecologists more and more often. Although modern preparations - more than 50 years after the invention of the pill - today dosed lower and thus generally side effects poorer. But often it takes a long time to find the right one. Because there are many different combinations of the hormones estrogen and progestin. Which is eligible, you have to try.

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Who wants to prevent with hormones, today has a whole range of possibilities

"Even if you're satisfied with your type of pill, there may be reasons to consider alternatives, " says Dr. Dolores Foth from the Cologne PAN Institute for Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine. "For women who travel a lot or work shifts, for example, regular intake can be a problem." Although there are alternatives such as the "contraceptive ring" (stays in the vagina for three weeks and releases hormones on a regular basis), the "depot injection "(Works for three months) or the" hormone rod "(is implanted under the skin, protects three years). "But sometimes I advise against hormone preparations for medical reasons, " explains the expert. "For women with certain forms of migraine and heavy smokers, for example, they are not suitable."

The consultation with the gynecologist can protect against thrombosis and vitamin deficiency

The risk of thrombosis, a dangerous blood clot, is very low for young users of pills. But it also increases, for example, in overweight. "Get regular check-ups and advice from the gynecologist if you are using hormones, " Dr. Dolores Foth. "Even if you have to take medication." For example, antibiotics can reduce the prevention of contraception. Also important is healthy nutrition. By taking the pill, for example, the need for folic acid and B vitamins can be increased.

In a regular cycle, the "natural" method is reliable

Women who have a regular cycle can even do without the help of the pharmaceutical laboratories if they are willing to observe their body closely. If you regularly measure your temperature before you get up, you can read on a rise of about 0.5 degrees that the fertile days have begun. In addition, the mucus in the vagina is then liquid and clear. By means of a precisely kept calendar, in which measured values ​​and the times of the rule are recorded, the "dangerous" phases can be calculated. But that requires a lot of discipline. For women who do not live in a stable relationship, the condom remains the drug of choice. Because still the AIDS danger is great. Every year around 3000 people in Germany become infected with the virus.

What prevent the Germans?

  • Pill 54%
  • Condom 28%
  • Three-month injection 3%
  • Contraceptive ring 2%
  • Measure temperature 2%
  • Hormone implant 1%
  • Contraceptive computer 1%

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