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It's meant to be something special on Mother's Day: give your mother a delicious meal that shows how much you love her.

Mother's Day is coming up and you want to surprise your mother with something special? Then take over the wooden spoon and conjure up a very special menu for your mother. Especially if your mother cooks a lot for you, you will be happy if you put yourself in front of the stove. We will tell you what you should consider and which recipes are suitable for Mother's Day.

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A Mother's Day menu: tips and tricks

Before putting together your Mother's Day menu, think carefully about your mother's preferences so that you can match your taste. Even if you think of hearty schnitzel even at a feast, many women like crunchy vegetables and light meals. Of course, if your mother has an intolerance, you should also include this in your consideration. And some do not like capers or dill is a horror in dishes. Ask your mother unobtrusively about what she does not like in her food and you get on a good track!

Also the trappings must be right: Decoration for the table

The eye eats as you know. And that's why you should think of the right table decoration for Mother's Day - so your menu will be festive. In addition to the obligatory bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day you can distribute additional flowers on the table. Even candlelight gives a nice atmosphere. Also, use special dishes that your mother likes, maybe even the service she gave you. Vocal music (of course, the taste of your mother) completes the Mother's Day menu.

Recipes for the Mother's Day menu

From our suggestions for starters, main courses and desserts, put together a special and especially delicious menu for Mother's Day .


Asparagus salad with roasted chickpeas

Mushroom carpaccio

Crab cocktail with avocado

main dishes

Loup de mer on orange raki lentils

Spaghetti casserole with veal

Vegetarian mushroom lasagna


Chocolate ball with surprise effect

Eclairs with coffee mousse

Strawberry Pavlova

Here are some more ideas for delicious Mother's Day desserts >>

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