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Make your own flowerpots

How to make cement pots for plants very easily (June 2019).


Triste flower pots were yesterday! Get creative and create unique, colorful flowerpots with your kids and give boring clay pots a unique design. Once you have started with the tinkering, then you will notice how quickly small works of art and gifts with a personal touch arise. So, to the pots, get set, go!

In lovingly handmade self-made flower pots on the terrace or in the kitchen are real eye-catchers with a very special charm. We will tell you how to do this best and what ideas there are on the following pages.

Flowerpot with child footprint in butterfly shape

Children will love this crafting idea and joyfully paint their feet with paint. From a footprint wonderful animal motifs can be designed, such as the butterfly shown in the picture. If you prefer to dip your hands in color, you can use the imprint to conjure an elephant, a bird or a cute monkey. A very sweet idea and a beautiful memory for eternity - perfect for home and kindergarten!

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That's how it's done:

Paint a simple clay pot with colorful acrylic paint. These colors do not develop toxic fumes and are water soluble when wet. Then paint the bottom of the child's foot with darker color. The two footprints should be pressed onto the pot in such a way as to create the shape of a butterfly. Between the footprints, the body of the butterfly can still be recorded on the pot with a fine brush.

Flowerpot instead of blackboard

Which plant is actually in which pot? Here comes the solution: A flowerpot painted with blackboard paint! Once the pot has been primed with this special color, it can be individually labeled with chalk. Whether a small self-painted picture, the plant species, a cool saying or a sweet greeting: Get creative and give your pots an original design with a personal touch. From the primer with the panel color to the decoration, this crafting idea can be imitated even by the smallest children.

That's how it's done:

Paint the body of the clay flower pot with blackboard paint, which you will find in every well-stocked hardware store. Let dry thoroughly and ready is the recordable flowerpot. Following the principle of the school blackboard, the chalk can be wiped with a damp cloth as desired. Short sayings such as "Thank you for giving it", "Love" (o as a heart) or just "Thank you mom" are wonderful as an inscription and make a magical gift.

Kids Photo Flowerpot

With this idea, not only the flower planted in a pot comes into its own, the cute children's photos are also a real eye-catcher. Unlike a picture frame, you can rotate the pot and enjoy several photos at the same time. So we beautify like boring flowerpots!

That's how it's done:

To do this, paint the complete clay pot with white acrylic paint to make the pictures easily recognizable. Then print various photos on plain paper. Black and white pictures are particularly suitable for the project. Stick the photo on the pot with napkin glue or simple craft glue. Allow to dry briefly and press lightly again. Then apply a second layer of napkin glue to the photo. Tip: Always paint the adhesive outward to avoid cracks or wrinkles. At the edge of the pot, a wide cloth gift ribbon can be attached to give the flower pot the finishing touch.

Not only nice, but also delicious! Try the delicious greenscakes in the flowerpot.

Would you like to place the flowerpot on your balcony, patio or in the garden? No problem! Just feel the flower pot with a colorless car paint after drying. Be careful and use the paint outdoors for safety. Children should not work with the paint.

Note: The painted with blackboard pot can not be finalized with such a paint, as with the paint the chalk would no longer adhere.

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