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Hypnosis and nitrous oxide Never again afraid of the dentist

Sedation Dentistry (May 2019).


Totally relaxed, nobody is going to check their teeth. Can hypnosis and nitrous oxide help against the great trembling?

Stefan from Heidelberg might have been the father of my children. Unfortunately, he studied dentistry. When he told me that, it made "poff" in my head, and all the butterflies in my stomach crashed. The idea of ​​getting in touch with a dentist has been as horrible to me since the dairy-eater age as it has been to a jungle camp's tarantula exam. As long as I can remember, I sat even in harmless control appointments completely cramped, sweaty and trembling on the chair. Presumably, only good genes and meticulous cleaning have saved me from gaping. Drilling or worse? Impossible! I am not alone with my anxiety problem. An estimated 20 percent of all adults panic when they go to the dentist. Most of the time, it is an unpleasant childhood experience that has become embedded in the depths of the soul. Consciously one can not control this automatism. Some dentists have therefore specialized in methods that eliminate the irrational escape reflex: with hypnosis or laughing gas therapy they put their patients in deep relaxation. The promise: The practice turns into a comfort zone when you are sent to a soul journey with words or gently stunned with an air-to-gas mixture.

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Holiday feeling instead of fear at the dentist: "In hypnosis I lay on the palm beach of Bali"

In hypnotherapy, the patient's attention is diverted away from the dental treatment. Success rate: more than 70 percent

Light wood and large windows, yellow cabinets and green plants - the joint practice of Kay Groß and his colleagues in Norderstedt really has nothing scary. She does not even smell like the typical disinfectant for dentists. Nevertheless, I am still looking for a handkerchief before handing over my insurance card to the sympathetic assistant - my palms are covered in sweat. Kay Groß comes up to me with a smile. Embarrassing - just before this lovable man, I panic as in front of the man who shoots Bambi's mother. "You do not need the dental chair right away, " he says reassuringly. "Sit on a chair or sofa, if you like. Today you should first get to know hypnosis. We'll take care of our teeth next time. "Then he explains to me that the trance he's leading me to is nothing more than diverting thoughts to something beautiful - like a daydream into which you sink so deeply, that you completely hide his surroundings.

"You will still perceive everything that happens around you, " says the dentist. "Nothing happens that you do not agree with." Many patients find it easier to focus on the calm words of the hypnotherapist when they first track a pendulum with their eyes. So let's try this classic, too. I stare at the gently swinging ball. Soon my eyes get tired and fall by themselves. Kay Groß leads me in a warm voice on the way I should imagine: step by step I descend in my mind down a flight of stairs. There I open a door - and am on a Balinese palm beach. The spray of the waves tingles on my skin, sunbeams tickle my nose. I feel all this and know that I am actually in a dental practice. But the Hypnosetraum is so beautiful that I would prefer to stay in the sand forever. Everything unpleasant, says Kay Groß, now flows through my left arm. Actually, my fear leaves me through the fingertips, which lie quietly on the arm of the chair. As I go back up my dream staircase with the hypnotist and finally open my eyes, my panic has turned to serenity. At the next appointment, I will sit much quieter in the waiting room. And certainly even without palpitations open your mouth.

Before the dental treatment: The visit to the hypnotherapist

1 A sympathetic assistant welcomes me at the counter of the light-filled practice. Still, my hands are shaking as I hand in my card.
2 At the beginning of the hypnosis, I follow the gently swinging pendulum with my eyes.
3 With his calm voice, dentist Kay Groß leads me into my deep relaxation.
4 Hypnosis is like a beautiful dream in which I lie on a palm beach. Nevertheless, I am aware that I could end the trance at any time.
5 Back in the here and now I'm still completely relaxed and happy - the fear is gone.

Hypnosis info

  • Costs: from 40 euros per session. For permanent anxiety management often several appointments are necessary.
  • Effect: In the deep relaxation one is depressed, feels less pain and / or gagging.
  • Address: Available from the German Society of Dental Hypnosis (DGZH),

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