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Bella Italia On the Vespa through Rome 2014 Vespa Tour in Rome, Italy (April 2019).


Rome and the Vespa - a great love that has not put a trace of rust: The Kultrollern is now going on a sightseeing tour.

One can not understand how much bridal gown on the leather seat of the old Vespa has found a place. Now the young woman, surrounded by creamy white chiffon clouds, stands in front of the church. The historic scooter is parked behind her photogenic, a tattoo under the updo flashes in the nape of the bride's neck. How did she conjure them up just under the helmet? There is already music from the round church of Santo Stefano Rotondo on Celio, one of the seven hills of Rome. The altar stands in the middle, people gather in a circle. Valerio Caffio says that if I marry, then there too, surrounded by the community, that would be much nicer, in the middle of life, than the usual frontal service. And for the wedding he would of course also drive with his beloved vintage Vespa.

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If you want to marry in Santo Stefano, you usually have to be put on a waiting list. But Valerio knows the pastor. Valerio puts on the helmet, starts his Vespa "Faro Basso" and asks: "Are we going on?" In the next church he knows the gatekeeper, he knows many people in Rome. Valerio leads tourists through the city, but not in those open double-decker buses that are a plague and clog the city's streets. But on the Vespa, sitting behind him or following him as a self-driver: "We also lend scooters, " he says. But of course the traffic is enormous, and quiet roads find only who knows.

Emperors, popes and New Zealanders

Through this "Rome for connoisseurs" leads our tour on Saturday morning, a New Zealand couple has booked. The two drive Valerio and me on a second scooter afterwards. We stop in front of the next church, Santi Quattro Coronati. The porter is an Augustinian choir woman and lives here with other religious women in retreat. Valerio donates a few euros, the door to the Oratorio di San Silvestro buzzes and jumps open. The small room is painted with beautiful frescoes. They tell of the Donation of Constantine, which started the power of the popes. In the fourth century, so the large-scale pictures show, the Roman emperor Constantine Pope New Year and all his successors, the political supremacy over Rome, Italy and the west of the Roman Empire have been assigned. Valerio tells a short and exciting, then adds: "This is not true."

Nothing but fake fiction, a chartered instrument in the eighth century, with which the popes had justified their claim to lands and their supremacy among the Christians. The New Zealanders fall from one astonishment to the next. That there are buildings that were built 1600 years ago, "we can not believe that, " says the man. "The first man set foot on our land only about 700 years ago." At the exit of the church, Valerio points to a small wooden drum in the wall. One knocked on the door, the nurses turned the drum with the opening to the visitor - and put the newborn girl inside. A kind of baby flap that secured the convent's offspring. The unwanted children found a loving home with the sisters.

We sit up again, it goes to the Via Appia. On historic streets with just such scooters. A bumpy ride: In the basalt plaster from the fourth century, traces of countless wheels have buried. Valerios "Faro Basso" is built in 1953, a coveted collector's item, bought first hand. The previous owner, born in 1925, drove the scooter until 2001. "The engine is top, even after more than 50, 000 kilometers, " says Valerio. He restored only the bodywork. Is it exhausting to drive a historic Vespa? No, he replies, for him, just 33 years old, that was an honor: "On such models, my great-grandfather has sat."

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