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Take Out the Toxins from Your Body | Subah Jain (June 2019).


Fasting is intended to cleanse the body from the inside and protect it from chronic diseases such as rheumatism, diabetes or migraine. The body detoxifies and you lose weight. One method is the Schrothkur from Oberstaufen. We reveal what makes the fasting after Schroth.

Especially at the beginning of the new year, we would like to do something good for our body: losing weight, more sport or detoxify. For many people, a fasting cure is therefore an obligatory program once a year to prevent illnesses and to bring the intestinal flora back into tact.

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Schrothkur - The combination of holidays and therapeutic fasting

There are many methods and approaches to curing fasting, a sweetie is not one of them and the cures require a lot of discipline. One method is the fasting cure according to Johann Schroth, which combines holidays and fasting. It can not be carried out at home, but only in certified companies under medical supervision. They are located mainly in the idyllic Oberstaufen in the Allgäu. If you want to offer the original Schroth cure, you need the plaque from the German Schroth Association.

The idea of ​​traveling to contemplative Oberstaufen for a cure is not so wrong: the more beautiful the environment, the greater the distraction when sitting in front of his counted pieces of dried fruit. Some rules like the drinking regime make this fasting quite special and not uncontroversial, but also here detoxifies the body and you lose weight. Many participants with previous rheumatic diseases report relief and other chronic diseases such as diabetes or migraine are also alleviated by fasting and detoxification.

Schrothkur: The 4-pillar principle

The Schroth concept consists of four elementary columns:

  1. Schroth's Diet: The A and O of Schrothkur consists of disciplined fasting. The body gets its vitamin and mineral substances from steamed vegetables and cooked fruit, which is supposed to calm the intestine. There are also rice, barley or semolina and dried fruit. On the other hand, animal protein and, to a large extent, salt are dispensed with. The focus is on the detoxification of the body, losing weight is just a pleasant by-product.
  2. Schrothsche Trinkverordnung: The fluid intake within the Schrothkur is composed of dry days and drinking days. The rhythm of these days depends individually on the spa guests and is prescribed by a doctor. Allowed are mineral water and unsweetened tea and juice in small quantities. Extraordinary: A special curative wine is also on the detoxification plan. This has a metabolically increasing effect and is rich in minerals, which may be missing at other corners within the treatment.
  3. Schroth Pack: The spa guest is pampered daily with a cup of hot herbal tea and then wrapped in damp linen towels and dry sheets and covered with hot water bottles. The body temperature rises, the wrap anti-spasmodic, soothing and invigorate body and mind and promise a restful, carefree sleep. However, these reels take place almost at nighttime, because in the morning the detoxification activity of the liver should be greatest.
  4. Change between rest and exercise: While strict resting periods and regeneration are prescribed on dry days, extensive exercise and fresh air on drinking days is mandatory. The rhythmic change between drinking and drying day together with the movement should accelerate the detoxification process in the cells.

Fasting to Schroth for health

Participants report a reduced feeling of hunger and a day-long feeling of inner calmness. Fasting is designed to reduce the risk of diabetes and prevent high blood pressure. Even diabetic patients, the Schrothkur promises alleviation and should keep the disease as "suitable for everyday use" as possible. The dosage of medication and the insulin to be injected decreases due to the detoxification of the body. Also diseases with chronic inflammations such as migraine or rheumatism can be positively influenced by the fasting. Incidentally, a cure is subsidized to Schroth by some health insurance companies as Präventikonsmaßnahme.

Discussions about Schrothkur

There are certainly critical voices to Schrothkur: So some experts see the low hydration as harmful to health and some rules appear quite old-fashioned. In fact, the Schrothkur dates from 1820 and has since been minimally adapted. This includes that the actual amount of drinking at the beginning of the treatment is prescribed by the doctor of the Schrothkur hotels individually. In order not to endanger your health, the Schroth cure should not be used as a permanent diet, but as a short therapy. This is true for any other fasting method, too.


Daniela Schwabel, Leonie Panzer

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