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The big headphones, called "Over-Ears" are healthier than the little variant called "In-Ears". That makes us happy, because thanks to the big headphones, nothing sounds in the subway and they are still fashionable. These and other advantages are explained by Professor Rainald Knecht.

Why I like big headphones

If you travel frequently by train or in the underground, you may have already noticed: The headphone fashion is based on the 70s again. A few years ago, it was still a trend to beam music through pea-sized loudspeakers directly into the ear canal, so today teenagers wear eye-catching colorful "over-the-ear" models. Whether you like these "shell headphones" or not - from a medical point of view these accessories are named "Skullcandy" or "Beats by Dr. Dre "a blessing.

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Why, a study of my Chilean colleague Dr. Hayo Breinbauer from the University of Santiago de Chile. He has tested how loud you can turn up his music with different types of headphones without sound distortion maximum. He compared "in-ears" that are completely in the ear, "ear-buds", which are placed as tiny buttons in front of the ear canal, and the trendy big headphones. The highest sound pressure level was possible with an in-ear model: 126.5 decibels. This would allow you to reach the barely tolerable daily noise dose in less than three minutes. In the "Earbud" it was about five minutes to the critical limit from which hearing damage can occur. With a big "over-ear" theoretically you could at least hear music for one hour with full sound.

The over-ears ensure a healthy hearing

Next, Dr. Breinbauer, how environmental noise affects our listening behavior. If it was as loud as in a tram, the subjects with shell headphones turned up their favorite songs on average 15 decibels lower than the group with the mini-speakers. The "Over Ears" are better shielded. If you have children, grandchildren or friends who want a giant headphone, please fulfill this request. For the good advice "Do not turn up the music so loud" many are deaf. According to statistics, one in four young people is already hard of hearing. And in fact, I've already had to prescribe a hearing aid to some teens. Over-Ears can help to make more music-loving children grow up with sound hearing.

Professor Rainald Knecht
The director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf is also a renowned specialist in plastic / aesthetics and tumor diseases. His motto: "Ultimately, whoever heals is right". Here you will find our medical officers in the overview >>

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