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A fine muesli with millet and buckwheat flakes - this muesli quickly provides energy in the morning.

Preparation time:approx. 10 minutes

Ingredients (for 2 persons)

  • 2 tbsp millet, oat and buckwheat flakes
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 3 dried figs
  • 200 g blueberries
  • 300 g of natural yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp honey


  1. Mix flakes and sesame together. Cut the figs into small cubes and put them under the cereal. Wash berries carefully.
  2. Mix yoghurt with honey and place in two bowls.
  3. Distribute half of the berries and muesli on the yoghurt and serve.

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Variant:The flakes can be exchanged as desired. In winter, the flakes also taste particularly delicious as cereal, cooked with soy milk and refined with grated pears and apples.

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