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It is not always easy as a friend, colleague or husband to find a suitable present for your sweetheart. We present you many great gifts for women - whether Christmas present or a present for the birthday.

Gift ideas for women: Basic photo shoot

Basic photo shoot of your choice - 90 minutes

A basic photo shoot is the perfect experience gift for every woman! The 90-minute photo shoot offers much more than fun and professionalism: an eclectic selection of theme shoots, such as fashion, family or business, a delicious welcome drink, a hair & make-up styling, 50-80 photos in web resolution on DVD, also a PoseBook is included as an eBook!

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For example, you can find the 90-minute Basic Photoshoot here >>

Gift ideas for women: 1000 Places to see before you die

1000 Places to see before you die

For all globetrotters, this somewhat unusual travel guide is just the thing. Fantastic photographs and unique tips from the most beautiful places in the world are presented on more than 1200 pages, while there are 200 new destinations to discover.

You can get the travel guide "1000 Places to see before you die" here >>

Gift ideas for women: Barset "Caipi"

Barset "Caipi"

With this exclusive Caipi Barset the next cocktail party is guaranteed to rise in your kitchen! The Caipi's are freshly prepared and delight guests with Caribbean flair. The barset contains glasses, a bar, drinking straws and a bar tappet. A great gift idea for the girlfriend, right?

Here you can order, for example, the Caipi Barset >>

Gift ideas for women: The world of fashion

The world of fashion

This handbag book convinces all fashion fans! On 96 pages you will find interesting facts about the history of fashion, trends from the past to today, great photos of dresses and fashion designers. The presentation is particularly funny: a red, faux leather bag, light brown carrying handle, golden snap closure - perfectly camouflaged as a handbag. Have fun with the tasting!

For example, you can find "The World of Fashion" here >>

Gift ideas for women: Picture gallery with photo bags

Picture gallery with 50 photo bags

With this photo curtain you can let your creativity run wild and give your home a personal touch. A great home accessory and a great gift idea.

For example, the photo curtain with 50 pockets can be found here >>

Gift ideas for women: "Desperate Housewife" floor mat

Doormat "Desperate Housewife"

The "Desperate Housewife Inside" floor mat is a great gift for women with humor. "Desperate housewife" - the doormat shows each visitor who lives behind the door. Postmen and artisans know immediately what they are! A funny gift idea with a little wink.

The doormat "Desperate Housewife" is available here for example >>

Gift ideas for women: smartphone gloves

Goatskin smartphone gloves

Winter is just around the corner and warm gloves should not be missing. Comfortably warm, comfortable to wear and made from a high-quality goat leather, these gloves. The special highlight: thanks to integrated wires on the thumb and forefinger, the touch screen of a smartphone can be operated without any problem.

The practical goatskin smartphone gloves can be found here >>

Gift ideas for women: Phone Case

Phone case "Purse" handbag for the smartphone

With the "Purse" phone case, the smartphone is protected against unsightly scratches and at the same time provides a smart look. The silicone case is available in four different colors.

For example, you can get the phone case for your smartphone here >>

Gift ideas for women: pizza cutter

Pizza cutter bike tour

Pizza cut made easy! With this pizza cutter in the funny bike design cutting makes much more fun. Good Appetite!

For example, the original pizza cutter can be found here >>

Gift ideas for women: Color changing umbrella

Color changing umbrella Squidarella

Umbrellas are known to come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. An exceptional screen is the color changing model Squidarella. As soon as the umbrella comes into contact with moisture, the inconspicuous imprint turns into a colorful city panorama. Show it the dreary rainy days!

For example, you can get the color changing umbrella here >>

Gift ideas for women: jewelry box ballerina

Decorative tin ballerina with music box

A jewelery box that all women dream of: a music box, a small, dancing ballerina and a personal engraving make the jewelry box perfect. Underneath the top insertable and detachable compartment with many small compartments for all kinds of rings or earrings, there is a slightly larger one that can accommodate chains and bracelets.

The jewelery box with music box is for example here >>

Gift ideas for women: chocolate dinner

Chocolate Dinner de Luxe for two persons

The Chocolate Dinner de Luxe invites you into the kingdom of the finest cocoa and high-quality chocolate. The gourmet menu offers four courses of sweet and savory chocolate variations. Enjoy a fabulous evening in a great feel-good atmosphere.

For example, you can find the chocolate dinner de luxe here >>

Gift ideas for women: chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain

Fresh fruit and warm, liquid chocolate is an unbeatable combination! The chocolate fountain turns any chocolate (without nuts, raisins, etc.) straight into delicious waves and waves, while the subsequent cleaning is done easily and quickly.

For example, you can order a chocolate fountain for the next chocolate party here >>

Gift ideas for women: drinking game "Schuh-Chaos"

Tussi on Tour - drinking game "Schuh-Chaos"

This funny drinking game by Tussi on Tour is perfect for a girls evening! It is very easy to find and arrange 24 pairs of shoes. Who has the best view for shoes? Who has a good memory? Every player needs a drink, because who does not find a suitable couple, must drink!

For example, you can get the drinking game "Schuh-Chaos" here >>

Gift ideas for women: Dark Luxury - Wellness Set

Dark Luxury - Wellness Set

The gift set "Dark Luxury" includes a fluffy bathrobe, a fragrant apricot body lotion, 4 soap blossoms and a beautiful scented candle. These toiletries provide a memorable luxury break for the home.

The wellness set can be found here, for example >>

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